ZOMBIES of Avalon

DM Name: Juli/Kira

Gem/Beguiler/Level 3
Amethyst/Warlock/Level 6
Cordy/Cleric/Level 2
Crank marten/Monk/ Level 4
Darrion/Ranger/Level 3
Gajendra/Fighter/Hexblade/ Level 4
Shyrindi/Druid/level 1
Tyr/Psychic Rogue/level 5
Vlad/Paladin/Level 2
Yuria/Psion/Level 5

18, Zombie, Combined CR4
1, Tank, CR 6

Shyrindi: 450xp
Cordy, Vlad: 450xp
Gem, Darrion: 450xp
Crank marten, Gajendra: 400xp
Tyr, Yuria: 361xp
Amethyst: 300xp

5,000gp Each

Quest Summary:
On a normal night in the Arcadia. The silence was broken when the party whom had been enjoying a nice evening. Heard screams and smelled fresh blood in the air. After some deliberation the brave souls rushed out to aid what was wrong. Finding the city at least partialy being over run by flesh eating zombies they sprung into action. Slaying a small hord to clear the path to the park were they felt thanks to detect Evil the biggest concentration of Evil was. They met the massive Undead Abomination in battle. It seemed to be next to unstoppable till the combined efforts of the whole party were put behind the attack and slayed the creature. Priestess Tonia herself praised them for their valor. But what will this mean for the city?

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