Yeth Hitess

Not ‘civilized’ in the traditional sense of the word, but nevertheless an important area, Yeth-Hitess is the City of Snakes, the hidden city of the yuan-ti of Heaven’s Tear, and its surrounding fear-dominated region. This sprawling, winding city is perfectly organized to the mind of the serpent people, but to most other races is confusing and alien. Yeth-Hitess is also the name of the region that surrounds the main city, which lies almost completely below the southern half of the Raging Jungle, except for a single spire that rises up to catch the rays of the sun, heating the tunnels deep below the earth, spires that similarly rise from the several minor outposts built up at various strategic locations throughout the jungle. While there are passages that connect every one of these small cities and outposts to the central hub of Yeth-Hitess, most of them are too small to be traveled by anything except a yuan-ti in snake form, and those that are larger are generally rigged with deadfalls, to cut off passage for intruders, or else heavily guarded by traps and creatures so horrible that they are best left unconsidered. The lands of the yuan-ti are crawling with a wide variety of venomous reptiles, especially snakes, and are not generally safe for travelers.

Major Races: Yuan-ti, human.

Government: Theocracy. Rule is by the priesthood of the vile yuan-ti religion, and their rule is absolute and terrible to behold in action.

Nation Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Major Cities
Yeth-Hitess: Capital, center of religion, resting site of ancient artifacts of great power and often greater evil.

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