Washroom Warriors

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Alisaadi Ardent 2
Cordy Cleric 6
Ibis Healer 3
Kaellack Rogue 1/Sword Sage 4
Kiefer Barbarian 2
Rhine Barbarian 3

2x CR3 Necroplasm (CR5) First Flush (Wave)

3x CR 3 Necroplasm (CR6) Second Flush

Alisaadi 750xp
Cordy 500xp
Ibis 750xp
Kaellack 625xp
Kiefer 750xp
Rhine 750xp

1195 GP Each

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Quest Summary[In Brief]:

The party was contracted by an upscale resturant to handle an "Advance Plumbing Issue No actual plumbing experience required but, martial and magical proficiency reccomended." Since that morning the mens washroom had been locked, and some…Thing locked inside of it, having already preyed upon a customer, a plumber, and one of their staff. The party left behind quite a mess, but managed to resolved the issue without much of a fuss considering how dagerous things could have gotten.


I'd Hit It….with a Power Attack

<Kaellack> if it moves, keep hitting it ;)
<Rhine> point and smash
<Rhine> careful kael…
<Kaellack> ….least that's Rhine's modis operandi ;)
<Rhine> you dont want him hittin the wrong thing
<Kiefer> uh, how many women on this quest
* Kaellack isn't worried :)
<Cordy> XD 2
<Ibis> Cordy and Ali
<Alisaadi> and they're both taken
<Kiefer> so lets see an elf and human
<Alisaadi> one by the healer and one by the other barbarian
<Cordy> XD
<Ibis> both here with thier boyfriends…
<Kiefer> Kiefer wouldn't care, he still hit on them

"Just Because She Says She's Wearing Pants Does Not Mean NPC's Assume She's Not Wearing A SHIRT"

-Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do In An RPG…as a GM

* Alisaadi walks with Rhine. She has her crossbow at her side and her armour on. She's also wearing pants instead of a dress (Shirt too, you prevs) and her black hair is pulled back in a tight braid to keep it out of the way. "I wonder what theymean by advanced plumbing situation. I bet we're going to have to down into the sewers.." *She makes a face at that*

Adventuring Is Easy; My Everyday Life Is Hard

<Kaellack> heh
<Ibis> which is a horrifying thing to see, trust me
<GaMasTam> …wait, what?

  • Kaellack is a teacher. I agree

I'm 33, I'm almost As Old As This Game-Can I Get A Break? Please?

<Kiefer> ok, I am going on 33…….been how many years since I even attended highschool so sorry, just trying to math in my head

Under The Rug

<GaMasTam> The waiter leads along, explaining a little more as he takes you around the building. "Well sirs and madams, you see as I said we ARE having a minor ongoing issue in the mens washroom. Since this morning there were complains of a stench to which we responded with-
<GaMasTam> -adaquate supplies of fragrants and the aquisition of a plumber. A gentlemen went in and he didnt come back. Not long after the plumber went in and he didnt return either. Two of the staff went in to have a look, and one of them….-
<GaMasTam> -is probably no longer on our staff and the other is having some sort of nervous breakdown. Of course bussiness must carry, people have reservations, so in time being we just…locked the door and thought to deal with it after hours but now-
<GaMasTam> -for the last few hours there has been an incessant pounding on the door and some other sounds our guest dont like. SO…we're covering as best we can with music, and told them theres some sort…of animal lose. -
<GaMasTam> -and that is why you're here. To take care of the 'animal', remove, exterminate it, whatever it is you do, and we'll pay you and sweep all of this under the rug."

* Alisaadi leans in close to Rhine and whispers "remind me not to come eat here after this… No telling what else they've 'swept under the rug'"
* Kiefer looks about pulling his greatsword off his back "Probably be a 2 min job to kill and move on back to the part of town I like." grinning his grip tightening around the hilt, the Black Barb horse was in chain mail and he was getting ready to fight

Men Who Stare At Doors

You're not going in THERE…a-are you?
* Kaellack shakes his head. "No. We're just here to stare at the door. Obviously we're going to fix it. Moron," he mutters to himself. He moves to one side of the door, knowing Rhine and Kief's swings, and crouches a little. He listens/peeks to see if there is anything he can make out from inside, beside the pounding. After that, he reaches for the handle and looks to the 2 barbarians. "On your mark."

<GaMasTam> Kaellack unlatches the door pushing it in slightly. The door moves in about an inch before slimy, boney fingers reach around the edge to pull it open. Two humanoids that look like skeletons covered in jelly or mud look on at you, their clothing all but destroyed.
<GaMasTam> [http://members.cox.net/zombiex1/Horror/tarman.jpg]

<Kaellack> cute
<Ibis> XD
<Rhine> lol
<Alisaadi> MUDMEN FROM L4D2!
<Rhine> at least its not what i thought it was
<GaMasTam> What did you think it was?
<Rhine> gelatinous cube

  • Rhine snickers

<Rhine> im really glad it wasnt -,-
<Ibis> same

( "Tell me what you fear, so I know what to make you face…"-Dath Plagueis. Next time baby. }:-) )

Hey-whose Hungry?
Rhine chuckles softly as he looks toward alisaadi 12"Lets go collect our pay and be out of this dung-heap they call a tavern."

  • Alisaadi nods "I agree. I need to change clothes and a bath would be nice too. It spits when it babbles"
  • Kiefer still ragine be looking around for anything to kill, ichor all over his skulls, the horn one on his left shoulder and the black on right ready to kill more not feeling the healing energy from the man with glasses
  • Cordy sighs softly, glad that she was far enough back to not get dirty. "T-This c-certainly… w-wasn't what I was e-expecting…" she said with a shake of her head.

<Alisaadi> "At least it wasn't the sewers"

  • Rhine shakes his head pulling alisaadi away from the sink. "you shouldn't trust the water here after where you saw those demons came from." he sheathes his blade and hefts her up into his arm. "Lets go wash up some where more clean."
  • Kaellack chuckles. "Well…who's hungry?"
  • Ibis shakes his head at Kaellack's joke. "I'm sure I won't eat for some time…"

You Want Me…to STEP in WHAT?
Alisaadi looks at the Horse "You should probably trample the remains, just to make sure" *She holds her hand up to Rhine* "It's clean" *She grins*

My Thoughts

Looks at monsters "…sons….I am dissapoint." [:-|]

I feel like I've not tried hard enough if I havent stricken at least one person with some sort of physical or mental illness, instilled abject terror or disgust with some Thing that should not be, or at least battered them a little. Almost no one was hurt and everyone had all of their Con, all of their sanity, all of their faith in Humanity. Well…on that last bit the establishment DID lie to their customers and didnt report few deaths there were so maybe that counts. If it wasnt late, I would have sent a third and much nastier flush. Some sort of diseased brown ooze…with corn in it.

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