Vinifrix The Beast Boss

DM: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Cordy, level 4 elf cleric
Ariel, level 5 human duskblade
Darrion, level 5 baagh ranger
Yuria Townsend, level 7 human barbarian
Kaze, level 7 baagh monk
Kira, level 7 elf ranger/scout
Luna, level 7 human barbarian

2 Displacer Beasts, 1 6th level half-elf wizard (CR 8)
5 owlbears (CR 8)

Cordy: 1,375 xp
Ariel, Darrion: 1,285 xp for each
Yuria, Kaze, Kira, Luna: 900 xp for each

1,500 gp for each

Quest Summary:
The party was called upon by the citizens of Avalon City to save them from the latest menace to crawl out of the Underdark - the sorceress Vinifrix and her monstrous allies! Facing her in the market square where she'd set up shop, the party battled their way through her deadly magical beast friends, and finally slew her in glorious battle, despite all her tricks and magic.

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