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DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Adventure Name: "Vaults"

Length: 3 sessions of about 3-4 hours each.

Iras, Level 6 Orc Warblade.
Quintus, Level 6 Half elf Bard
Riel, Level 7 Human 2Monk/5Psywar
Dakheel, Human Psion, Crystal Master 8

1 Large Earth Elemental (CR5) CR5 "Test of Wisdom"
2 Gargole/Kapocinth (CR4) CR6 "Test of Endurance"*
6 Dark Mantles (CR 1) CR 6 "Test of Strength"
1 Water (Acid) Filled Room Trap [CR 4 +1 CR/7 average dmage per round; modified as per the SRD ; did not fill to total immersion] CR5* "Test of Intellect"*

[* Iras was not here during these encounters, so I have calculated his xp and gold only for the other two; if there is some issue with calculating this, let me know so I can fix it. I used this handy calculator. ]


Iras, Level 6 Orc Warblade.= 750
Quintus, Level 6 Half elf Bard = 1750
Riel, Level 7 Human 2Monk/5Psywar= 1428
Dakheel, Human Psion, Crystal Master = 1166


Iras, Level 6 Orc Warblade.

  • Misc. Art Objects & Jewelry (sells for 938gp)

Quintus, Level 6 Half elf Bard

  • Misc. Art Objects & Jewelry (sells for 389 GP)
  • Bracer's of Quick Strike (1400, MiC p81)
  • Charm of Countersong (400, MiC p.85)

Riel, Level 7 Human 2Monk/5Psywar

  • Mis. Art Objects & Jewelry (sells 437gpGP)
  • Crystal of life Drinking Lesser (1500, Mic p64) [Formerly an eye for the Stone Gaurdian]
  • Jumping Caltrops (250,Mic p.162)

Dakheel, Level 8 Human Psion, Crystal Master

  • Misc. Art Objects & Jewelry (Sells for 1458gp)

[Note, those that did not get equipment or magic items, only wanted gold as reward,the sell value of the 'misc' items is equal to the apropriate gold. I followed Crave's advice, calculating gold as approx. 1.25 earned experience. If this is not accurate, please let me know, so I can adjust it.]

Quest Summary:

[This was my very first time behind the screen as a DM for DnD, albeit not the first I'd ever run anything before. That belongs to a 1-shot adventure of Call of Cthulhu 5.6th edition. Two times baby, lets hope 3rd times the charm.]

A Dwarven prospector, Mentvor Teuschmitz was looking for gold, silver, anything really. He was no stranger to the dangers of adventuring, but it seems all he uncovered this time was trouble. He and his camp of miners about 3 or 4 days away from town had just started digging in what looked like a promising area, when they found some kind of a seal. Breaking it opened a passage into some hidden, forbidden, underground sanctum. Mentvor's men went in, thinking they might make easy money selling whatever they found. When they didnt come out, he sent in another team to rescue the first. They havent returned either. Frustrated with their failure to return with anything, he has contracted adventurers to explore these forgotten ruins to succeed where his hirelings had not. Common sense might tell the average man to quit the ruins and go look somewhere else, but Mentvor doesnt give up easily.


The party entered the ruins and were greeted by gore, findind a "pasted" dwarve little more than a stain on the floor and a long hall with 4 doors. Only Iras was able to see all the way to the end of the hall, noting the runic circle on the wall, and a strange shaped recess. The first door was blocked by rubble, one of the larger stones containing gems. Iras tried to prull the rock free to no avail, until Riel thought to pop it out out with a crowbar. A rock creature roared to life, enraged that someone had taken its eye while it was sleeping. With a powerful Charm and some skillful diplomacy, Dhakeel was able to smooth the situation over, and avoid having the parties skulls caved in. The party agreed to answer the gaurdians riddle. Apparently about 5 or 6 of Mentvor's men had become frustrated with it and tried to destoy the guardian.

Suspended in a basement
An oval, almost round,
An unlit moon hangs darkly
Why light the underground?

But hearken to the adage
That beauty is skin deep
Undress, divest the lady
Her rings will make you weep.

Still always treat her gently
And violence never try
For were you once to cut her
It’s you, not she, who’d cry.

It was an Onion! Solving it the guardian was freed, and glad to be free it no longer lamented the loss of its eye, and left forever, gliding into the earth. By some magic, the stone began to take on a faint magic glow that about a third of magic items have. [See treasure]. Inside a small chest in the room the party found the first part of a polished steel statue, only the arms though.

Moving on to a second room the party was surpised when they through open the doors only to find ghosts-that looked JUST like them! No, they werent ghosts, they were reflections. This room was filled with water, held back by a passable barrier. Inside the room were two white marble statues of horned creatures, with long tails ending in flat spade like fins holding up a black box. The room was littered with the cracked bones of human, dwarf, and beastfolk. However, Dakheel spotted their eyes moving and fired a bolt of energy at one. He tried negotiating with them to part with a second black box, but the two were bound to protect it until someone took what was inside. Iras wasnt interested in getting wet, so he briefly ran off. Tying a rope to Riel, the party sent her in to the freezing water chamber. Walking on the ceiling of the room she carefully made her way over. Getting a first swing in she easily dispatched the wounded one and then Dakheel readied a brain lock stopping the second from retaliating at all, allowing Quintus to reel Riel out of the room. Seeing that the job was done, the party abandoned the remaining foe, and Dakheel watched it turn motionless and statue-like again.


Little did they know that this foe would sneak away while they were gone in the next chamber. Free from its guardianship, it left up the stairs where it surprised Mentvor and his two bodyguards, slaughtering their employer and his guard. Within the black box obtained in the room, the party discoverd a body to acompany the arms. It now became clear the statue had some reptillian mode about it.

The third room was incredibly narrow, barely 3ft across, making it difficult to manuever in. Within were dessicated corpses, virtually mummified, their bodies twisted in mortifying contortions, and their faces frozen with pained expressions. This room was 20ft deep and 35ft high divided into sections by a series of ornate, but climeable metal grates. Only Riel managed to spot that something was off about the rock formations that seemed to hanf from the hewn stone ceiling. Iras who'd returned from wherever he went, entered first, and began the first climb. Suspect of the formations he attacked one, and sliced it in half. It was then the part was beset by a swarm of dark mantles. Rather than bother with the creatures attacking her, Riel was confident in her defence concentrated on hacking her way through the metal grates with her adamntine weaponry, albeit she didnt manage to destory it by the time the battle was over. Dakheel and Quintus werent safe outside of the hall, as the creatures flew out and attacked them as well. Dispatching the flying squid, the adventurers climbed over the 30ft high barriers and obtained a third piece, a pair of legs. Quintus heard something far away, near the surface. Drawing his blade he advised they investigate, but the others were becomming weary of the challenges and wished to put an end to this, once and for all. Too bad for Mentvor. Iras, having had enough of this stayed behind, not entering the final chamber.

The last of the four rooms, a triangular chamber was bereft of life. In each corner was a platform with a rune, and above the platform a large anguished face. In the center was a pedestal with a fourth and final black box protected by a magical three sided barrier. Studying the room the party discovered that each platform was embossed with a rune that corresponded to a matching rune on each side of the magical barrier. Thinking for some minutes and experimenting they found that standing on the platforms would cause the rune on the correspinding side to dissapear, and an object to materialize. Standing on all three materialized a strange marble altar, and two vessels of different sizes. It was then that the entrance collapsed, melding together into solid stones. The three faces flared to life, explaining that they had a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug, and that only by placing exactly four gallons of "tears" on the altar would they escape alive. Just then the faces eyes began conjuring gouts of broiling acid. In 25 seconds there was no way to avoid contact simply by running around the room. The party endured a harrowing minute of seething acid and deadly fumes as they solved the puzzle in real time. It that nearly killed them, and were it not for flawless magical healing, scarred and disfigured them forever. The weeping faces crumbled to dust and the acid dissipated into thin air. For all this their reward was a metal dragon head. Crackling with magic, the 4 pieces united, bonding as a single, seemless object. Inserting this "key" into the recess, the stone marked by the runic circle dissapeared in a flash of light, revealing a circular portal into a hewn stone chamber filled with art objects, jewelry, and valuables from all over, as well as a locked chest. But the true wonder of this room was how the walls sparkled with silver glitering like a milky way.

It seemed that Mentvor's endeavor had paid off, but was it worth the loss of his hirelings? As the party came up to the surface, they were met with a pale blue dawn, and earth run red with blood. Mentvor and his bodyguards were dead! Their blood, brains, and entrails were all over the place, partially eaten, mostly mutalated. The only clue was a crude grinning humanoid face drawn in their blood, surrounded by what one would guess to be bats, or else horribly deformed or rended hearts.


Dakheel and Quintus realized that the second of the white horned creatures from the water chamber had been left alive, and when it took its leave, taken Mentvor and his guards lives since it could not take their own. Dakheel cursed his trustingness that the creature would leave peacably, of a chaotic evil mind, it got away with what murder it could. Quintus however felt nothing, believing the men should have headed back to their camp instead of waiting outside with baited breath. With their employer dead, they had only the spoils from the vaults below. But what would the miners do now that Mentvor was dead? To whom would the uncovered silver belong? Such were not the concernes of the weary adventurers. Taking their leave, the gnomish wizard paid in advance to teleport them their, transported them back to the familiar streets of Avalon, and the Arcadia inn.


Quintus-"Wait…You KILLED people because they didnt answer your riddle-"
"-correctly. Short flesh things thought they were smart. Became frustrated. Attacked Called themselves mad flesh miners and bone hewers. I have neither flesh nor bone. Made the short flesh things shorter, and so would I you for taking my eye tall flesh thing- but the wiser flesh thing among you has put me in… a better mood." -Elemental

"What-what the hell is this crap?"-Riel
"They never put the good loot in the first room. Dont you know by now how these things work? We put them together and then we get the fantabulous treasures."-Quintus
"Yeah, well…if this thingamabob is worth anything its mine."-Riel

Water Room
"Hey! Look at that handsome devil, the monster's in this place are of way better quality." -Quintus

Tall Room

"The door is slightly ajar…"-Myself
"Riel Kicks the door in!" -Riel
"…The doors open outward." -Myself
"Way to break the mood…" -Quintus
"I wouldnt of said anything. You kick the door in? It rebounds and hits you in the face. >:3"
"I'll go in first, I want to try something…"-Iras
"Your funeral."-Riel
"That's not how you talk about people who are sacrificing themselves."-Quintus

"what are those ._." -Riel
"Darkmantles! I so called it. >:3"-Iras

"Why are there 3 story grates undergound?"-Riel
"Cuz you'rre 70 odd ft undergound and there's room? Rule of Cool." -Myself
"Riel doenst think its cool. ._." -Riel
" I do. How much extra damage you think I can do if I leap from the top of this thing? :3"

"Okay lets see if I can negate the fall damage…" *rolls for 10ft* "Nope…" *rolls for next 10ft* "Nope…" *rolls for next 10ft* "…"

The Acid Room

"Riel thinks that her Inertial armor would help. Riel's AC is so intenese the Acid can't hit her."-Riel
"I dun think armor works that way, Nost. };-p" -Quintus
"Well, is there a way for me to save my expensive Boots of Jumping?"-Riel
"Take 'em off and hold 'em over yer head? Course then you won't have feet to put them on…"-Quintus

"8/63hp and probably walkin on bones. ._." -Riel
Riel grumbles like a diesel engine a thousand curses as she puts her boots back on after her wounds are healed over and they stop leaking blood everywhere. "I swear that this had better be worth it." -Riel

"Good thing we didnt go in here first…" - Dakheel

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