Vault 77

Vault 77 is the collective term for what was once a seven by seven city block warehouse facility, since expanded quite significantly. The numerous cavernous storage buildings together make up the largest storage facilities within the city limits, however they are not all managed by one entity but by numerous individuals with property or sections of property let out to whoever might need to store goods. Many wholesale deals are brokered in this area between large import-export companies and local merchants, and it is here where many products coming and going through Avalon arrive first, especially if heading to or from the Underdark.

Certain warehouses within the area are more secure than others, however all of the area is privately managed and overseen by a branch of the city guard supplemented by privately hired forces where merchants feel it appropriate. A result of this is that petty theft is rare in spite of the volume of goods and operations being almost constant to supply the insatiable needs of Avalon and the world at large.

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