Varg Hunt

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.


Villan (4)
Kaze (4)
Colt (1)

CR2 Vargouille
CR4 Tallmouther
CR? Dark Tree

Total CR: 6

800 for Villan/Kaze
900 for Colt

500gp Each + Kaze's Ressurection

Quest Summary:
The three participants began by being thrown in the deep end, kind of. They were on the road heading out of the city limits and into the direction of an area of private crypts. They began OOCly without much information about what they were doing other than chasing down a noble that was a big of a longer and might have gone missing. As they went further though they were approached by a horseman from out of the night, a messenger. Kaze spotted it clearly to avoid any misunderstandings and they read a missive from their employer to fill in more of the blanks in the information i'd yet to give them.

The letter informs them of the circumstances under which the noble left his families estate and asks them to bring the family member back dead or alive. A Vargouille bite caused the noble to leave the house for the crypt to facilitate his transformation. In the letter it warned that it was an obscure transformation in the letter but none of them knew what to expect and when they arrived to the crypts area it was super spooky. They followed the directions they had been given, keeping to the left and not looking around… just sneaking in to their target.

Upon arriving there was a statue looking weird thing that they approached, and let approach. After much deliberation and close, then closer, then super close study the creature decided it would slap a b-.. person and ended up being hit upside the head instead. Just as it was about to die the Vargouille appeared and tried to paralyze them all, but as soon as it appeared both it and the other beastie were slain with haste by the adventurers.

Inspection of the room revealed a broken statue where the monster had been pretending to be one initiatially before they'd approached closer to see it, and then a corpse hidden away behind it that the critter had been drawn to for foods.

Mission accomplished you might say, they recovered the body of the noble as instructed in the letter.

But… outside trees creaked and it became even eerier, which wasn't improved as Villan tried to enter into the Crypt proper, an area undisturbed for … they had no idea how long. Realizing it was a bad idea though, they closed it again and headed outside but it was already too late. They didn't notice it, but a Cypress tree had creeped closer to the road than it had been before… a crypt guardian.

A short and not so subtle fight ensued, resulting in the party retreating with Kaze in two pieces after a particularly nasty hit to his critical bits.

All is well that ends well though, upon completing the quest they were given the chance to sacrifice their monetary reward to aid their fellow. This they did, and he was ressurected some hours later…. into a Kobold, thanks to economy class ressurection botchings. For now he has a chance to think on the pros and cons of charging into large evil tree creatures.

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