Ur Awakening Part 2

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Olivia, level 8 changeling psion/psion uncarnate
Julietta, level 8 human barbarian
Belle Hibiki, level 5 human monk/ardent
Shalya Eveningstar, level 6 elf swordsage/cleric/divine oracle
Yuria, level 8 psion/crystal master
Darrion, level 7 baagh ranger
Cordy, level 6 cloistered cleric/divine oracle

3 armanites, 2 bar-lgura, and 1 bulezau (CR 12 total)

Olivia, Julietta, Yuria: 1,380 xp each
Darrion: 1,800 xp
Shalya, Cordy: 2,060 xp each
Belle: 2,570 xp

2,100 gp for each

Quest Summary:
Knowing, thanks to their skill in understanding the workings of such rituals, the party realizes that the Ur Priests are one step closer to their ultimate, evil design. They're going to awaken something *big* and *powerful* from beneath Avalon City - something so powerful, it causes earthquakes just rolling over in its sleep. It was bound there in ages past, whatever it was. The party entered the arena of Avalon City, where they found ur priests chanting their spell of unbinding. Then, suddenly, the arena tore apart, as five massive "fingers" of stone punched up from the depths of the ground, tearing through the stands where the ur priests were, killing many of them, ringing the whole arena and filling the air with cold green fire. Then, from the opposite gate, a host of demons charged the party, requiring them being put down before the party could press forward. But press forward…they didn't. Instead, they pressed down, as the sands beneath them suddenly gave way, and they were pulled down, down, down, into the depths of the earth, to face the final conflict…in the Ur Awakening, part three!

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