Ur Awakening Part 1

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Jullietta, level 7 human barbarian
Cordy, level 6 elf cloistered cleric/divine oracle
Crank, level 5 warforged monk
Darrion, level 6 baagh ranger
Olivia, level 7 changeling psion
Ariel, level 6 human duskblade

5 zombie minotaurs (CR 4 each), 1 babau (CR 6), and 1 level 6 ur-priest - total CR: 10

Crank: 1,500 xp
Cordy, Darrion, Ariel: 1,200 xp each
Jullietta, Olivia: 1,050 xp each

1,450 gp for each in jewelry and gems

Quest Summary:
In the middle of the night, the party (and much of the city) was awoken by a tremor strong enough to ring bells in their steeples. Investigating, the party saw a procession of blue-flamed torches leading up to the old arena, and marching inside, shutting the door behind them. The party encountered a robed, bald-headed human ur-priest with tattoos instead of hair, and his undead minions, as well as a babau that was hanging around, ready to assist in case of emergency. They battled their way through the creatures, and then into the inner sanctum itself…though they might yet be joined by other adventurers coming to investigate before they go too far. The party knows that the ur-priests of the Dark One seem to be trying to wake something up with their ritual, though what that might be…is yet unknown. Continued in Ur Awakening, part two!

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