Undead Panic in the Streets

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Silya, level 2 human knight
Belle, level 4 human monk
Arae, level 1 human druid
Kiran, level 1 human duskblade
Rhine, level 3 human barbarian

CR 5 - ghast and 3 ghouls
CR 5 - 2 ghasts

Belle: 640 xp
Silya, Arae, Kiran, Rhine: 720 xp for each

640 gp for each

Quest Summary:
As the characters were walking around one evening, they were trampled by a rush of panicked citizens of Avalon City, fleeing from the depredations of a bunch of ghouls and ghasts, leftovers from the recent demon battles. Two of the ghasts were enacting some sort of ritual, likely to summon a demonic ghoul from the Abyss, while the others were trying to catch fresh meat/sacrifices, when the party got in the way. Wading into battle, the party made short work of the undead horrors, and soon made the city a safer place…besides getting a nice civic reward for their brave and timely work.

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