The Watcher, Father of Time

Symbol: A stopwatch with a scythe for a seconds hand
Home Plane: Mechanus
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Manufactured creatures, barriers and passages, laws of the gods, protection of Therafim.
Worshipers: Warforged, Inevitables, judges, travelers, makers and users of doors and other barriers, those who uphold cosmic law.
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, N, LE
Domains: Law, Balance, Portal, Time, Summoner
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Umnos is the most perfect mechanism ever to have been made, a machine of such exquisite construction that it could only have been a divine act. However, though the first of Umnos’ parts were assembled by the gods, the Watcher has improved upon itself, and can be said to be almost completely self-made. Umnos, on the plane of Mechanus, takes the form of its domain, actually being the realm in which its subjects dwell, as a part of the perfect machinery that makes up that realm. When Umnos is forced to act on the Prime Material Plane through some grave breach of cosmic law (a very rare occurrence, for Umnos prefers not to intervene when there are others that can accomplish the functions that are required), it takes the form of a perfectly-constructed warforged with a multitude of interchangeable attachments to accomplish any task.

The role of Umnos is usually beyond mortal consideration. It maintains the barriers, passages and portals between the Prime Material Plane and the Outer Planes, and ensures that there is an appropriate balance of communication between the two. That the gods are able to grant aid to their worshippers is possible only because Umnos allows it, for that is the role they gave it, and the function that it constructed itself to fulfill with perfect precision. However, the Prime Material Plane is a messy place, full of disorder, and so things do not always function perfectly. For this reason, mortals are needed to keep order, and barriers and well-kept roads are a sign of this greater, cosmic order that keeps all things connected.

Those who worship Umnos are divine judges, given the right and duty to ensure that there is no imbalance in the strength of different factions controlled by planar powers, and to correct them if such imbalances arise. Most are expert locksmiths and artificers as well, and there are few barriers that can withstand them when the clerics of Umnos come seeking a cleric that has gone too far or an Ur Priest on the run. Temples of Umnos are places of mechanical marvels, with an astounding array of new inventions and intricate devices that come from the inventive minds of the clerics who live there. All temples of Umnos have huge clocktowers that keep precise time, and some of the best locks and other security measures in the world come from their workshops, as well as being one of the few sources of warforged attachments outside of ancient human ruins.

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