Tunnel Tentacles

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Darrion, level 2 baagh ranger
Orion Deathbringer, level 1 human rogue
Ariel Seolla, level 2 human duskblade
Shyrindi, level 1 bovine beastfolk druid
Cordy, level 2 elf cleric
Myrixa, level 2 aranthi beguiler

3 Tako (OA, CR 5 total)

300 xp each

400 gp each
6 Cure Light Wounds Potions

Quest Summary:
After being separated from their caravan in one of the safer parts of the Underdark, thanks to a sudden cave-in, the party had to make their way back to the surface with an out-of-date map. They had to pass through a cavern infested with tako on the way, and the party were horribly molested by the tentacle monsters before they finally defeated them, and found some old drow loot in the process!

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