Toys In The Attic

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Cordy Cleric 4
Darrion Ranger 5
Ginko Barbarian 5
Shiari Ranger 4

1x(CR5+3) Jovoc Wrackmaster (CR8)

Cordy 1200 xp
Darrion 1125 xp
Ginko 1125 xp
Shiari 1200 xp

Cordy 2180 gp
Darrion 2180 gp
Ginko 2180 gp
Shiari 2180 gp

Quest Summary:

The party had gathered in the Arcadia inn. The people seemed in slightly lesser spirits, many staring into their glasses. Drink always helps with dark times. A mild rain softly pattered on the windows, and there was the sound of distant thunder. Everything was well until the party heard a sudden scream from the boarding above. Investigating, the party found a woman holding a wounded little girl, and a man decrying the godsm saying they had forsaken them. Cordy healed the girl, and the man explained to them, shakily, that he and his wife had been under duress for some time .

A few weeks ago they began finding their daughter with curious bites, and scratches when they were alerted by her crying at night. The girl of course could offer no explanation, for while she could make sound, she could not speak due to some incurable congenital ailment. This was not neccesarily unusual- self injury in those of ill or daft mind. They began to take turns watching over her all night -and they saw nothing. Nothing. But as soon as neither of them was looking, she would be hurt again in new places, or else old wounds reopened again. Then…one evening his wife was awake when she saw a cut spontaneously open. Not long after, both he and his wife began to notice other bizzare things, hearing…voices in the night. Faint mutterings of something that seemed come from everywhere and nowhere, as well as scratching and creaking sounds. They decided something was wrong with their house, and quit the place and came here. They went to see a cleric, but they could find no malady magical or otherwise in her. They could have tried staying in a church which might have offered them succor, but lately churches weren't safe at all.

As the party tried to imagine just what could be plaguing the couple Ginko heard a sound from the room, and not but shortly after they were all injured from spontaneously inflicted wounds and several members of the party heard a telepathic voice taunting them, telling of how it would savor their fear and that only a knife could free would free them from the tortures of their fleshy prisons The pary initially suspected a spectre, but when Cordy tried to detect an evil prescence she could see it was not in the room but somewhere above. Acting on his suspicsions, Ginko was the first out the window, throwing up a grappling hook rather than trying to climb a slick drainpipe. Augmenting himself and Cordy with magic, Darrion was next, and the others followed after. On the rooftop the party spotted a small pool of something thick, oily, and black thinned and running down the shingles in the rain. Darrion's eagle however spotted someone who'd gone unseen to the others.

Hunkered down in a crouch, perhaps ready to spring was…something like a little old man. A hairless halfling or a gnome perhaps, but with spotty skin a pale virulent green. It was nude save for a wet piece of leather or something wrapped around its waist, and looked emaciated and starved, with eyes set deep in his sockets, large eyes with narrow pupils darting back and forth. As Darrion called out and drew the party's attention to the thing, it shuddered with antcipation. Ginko asked the thing to make it easy on them, to which it only replied "…eaasy? Thisss wont be eaaaasy on either of ussss-Life isss hard and PAIN should be shaaaared." Shiari remarked that inflicting pain on others was a sign one was fleeing from their own demons-not knowing the irony in that statement.

Bored with talk already, Ginko readied himself and the party went into action. As soon as they landed their first blow, the party was simultaneously wounded, and every wound they dealt to the creature was intantaneously reciprocated as if they had been on the recieving end of their weapons. Riding the surge of pain, the creature moaned with pleasure, demonstrating an unexpected combat prowess. Becomming worn down from their own assaulting, the party tried grappling and nonlethal damage, the latter of which didnt seem to trigger its supernatural power. In counter to this the creature resorted to some…interesting methods of self injury that demonstrated its depravity (see Quotes).

Inevitably however, the party was able to render the fiend unconscious long enough to tie it up before its accelerated healing could allow it to recover. Rather than slay it, they handed it over to the city guard who decided it ought to be in the hands of sages who might learn more of the origin of the city's recent troubles from it study its supernatural powers. Rare was it to have a living fiend, and so was the party rewarded genrously.


WHAT Kind of Screams?
<+GaMasTam> Everything is alright and the ale is flowing…when theres a shout and a scream! From one of the rooms above, by the sounds of it a woman.
+Ginko ponders whether this is a scream of pleasure, pain, or both… and while he ponders he finishes his ale quickly just incase he needs to do something more than lend an ear to the developing 'situation'

<+Ginko> pleasure or pain tammuz?di
<+GaMasTam> shock, and apall

  • +Ariel_Seolla (ksmh.moc.fd6de282.db83264c|iripsoediV#ksmh.moc.fd6de282.db83264c|iripsoediV) has left #Therafim_Quest_OOC

<+GaMasTam> hehehe the bear has an interesting mind.
<+GaMasTam> What do you take this for-a gid quest? ;D
<+Ginko> It's coming from a bedroom above a bar
<+Cordy> lol

Wounded? I aint a doctor but I'm a bear…

<+Ginko> Maybe it's just a very heavy period
<@Shiari> !roll 2#1d20+6 (Spot and Listen)
<Vault> Shiari rolls (Spot and Listen) [ 2x1D20+6:14 (14 18 +6 = 24 )14 (14 5 +6 = 11 )14 = 1235 ]
<+Ginko> And we're all over reacting
<GaMasTam> and I only need repost if someone did somethign besides daryy talking to cordy
<+Darrion> darrion rolling listen and spot as I posted and now my birds time
<+Cordy> a 6 year old Ginko
<+Ginko> Not all races develop the same >_>?
<GaMasTam> periods? At 6. AGAIN the bear has an interesting mind.
<+Cordy> XD
<GaMasTam> pedo beaaar
<+Ginko> could be an adult halfling disguised as a child for sex games
<GaMasTam> See?

(After rolling a Sense Motive Check)

<GaMasTam> Ginko- the you done think anyones putting you on or its a trick or anything
<GaMasTam> you think the agitated guy is really frustrated…
<Ginko> sexually frustrated?
<GaMasTam> …
<GaMasTam> no.

(SEE?!?! Now do you believe?)

* +Ginko files a request for 700gp or higher
<+Darrion> why you need 700 gp

  • +Ginko is prepared to murder the child for this, so long as nobody else knows, god is ok with it

<+Cordy> o.o;
<+Ginko> I'm 700gp worth of gold dust short of making a gold dust taj mahal
<+Cordy> XD
<+Ginko> so who are all the characters here?

(OoOoOOo you a "Bear guy" you're an "Anthro Bear Avalonian")

<+Ginko> <— Anthro bear person

Daft and Blind and damn the Dice Bot
<+Darrion> rolling nature again and my favored enemies are undead and Aberration so if falls in this I have bonuses to use
<GameMastaTam> k
<+Darrion> 1d20+3 nature
<Vault> Darrion rolls 1D20+3: 5 +3 = 8
<+Darrion> …….
<+Ginko> roll 1d20+1 spot
<+Ginko> !roll 1d20+1 spot
<Vault> Ginko rolls spot [ 1D20+1:14 4 +1 = 5 ]
<+Ginko> fail
<GameMastaTam> You dont know what this could be.
<GameMastaTam> And dont see anything.

Once You Go Bear You Dont Care
<+Ginko> Cordy seemed like a male name to me
<+Darrion> its short for Cordelia
<+Ginko> albeit ambiguous
<+Cordy> what you mean Tam?
<+Ginko> He means, "Why be lovin on a woman when there's a hunky man like me waiting to donate his seed?"
<+Ginko> or something like that
<+Cordy> XD
<+Cordy> cause Ariel was there ta help her out from adventure 1 and protected her and only now is doing her best to continue helpin others while Ariel is missing :P
<GameMastaTam> there was that time…with the ale….
<+Cordy> haha yup that too XD
<+Cordy> and the fact that most males scare her. *nods*
<+Darrion> "I remember that very well, Ariel sucking the ale out of your shirt….."
* +Cordy snickers
<@Shiari> {Perada} Aww, thats so cute.

You Know You Want To Do It…

+Ginko hauls himself up onto the roof and hunches down low to the tiles, trying to keep his balance while whoever else decided to follow gets there behind him. He'll hold his sword in the direction of the -evil- and stare at the darkness

(Dont just stare at it…show it what for.)

The Incredible Ginko..

+Ginko moves about ten feet closer as he bulks up 'Brown Hulk' style and gets ready to take a swing at whatever it was, "I guess we'll see," he growls, and speach parts way for sounds of building animosity.


<DialUpTam> The creature grins wickedly shoving a clawed hand under its tattered loin cloth, clawing

furiously. It salivates, and you [just the guys ] feel a sharp pain in your nether regions as black and white

drip from its loins, blending in a nauseating gray.

<DialUpTam> "SCRAAAAAAA-Oh-Ooooh YES!"

<DialUpTam> [FORT SAVES Guys]
<+Darrion> 1d20+6 fort…..
<Vault> Darrion rolls 1D20+6: 8 +6 = 14
<+Ginko> 1d20+12
<Vault> Ginko rolls 1D20+12: 2 +12 = 14
<+Ginko> ugh

<DialUpTam> !roll 2d4+1 Gink and Darry take FULL ladies dont need to save.
<Vault> DialUpTam rolls Gink and Darry take FULL ladies dont need to save. [ 2D4+1:14 4 2 +1 = 7 ]
<+Ginko> 29/75
<+Darrion> 12/50………..

Time For Another Episode of GOOD Idea BAD Idea

<+Cordy> okay… umm… gonna do somethin weird >.>
<+Cordy> or hell I dunno my brain is dead >.<
<DialUpTam> Aint that whatcha do when ur brain is dead?
<+Cordy> :P
<+Cordy> mrph… well guess I'll do my weird thought anywho >.>;

(Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn, and tell us what weshould learn…)


<DialUpTam> what are you using inflict wounds on?
<DialUpTam> Its jizm and blood?
<+Darrion> the black pool you described?
<DialUpTam> there are 2 now
<DialUpTam> there was the first one that was just black blood
<DialUpTam> and then there was the new one
<+Cordy> oh o.o
<DialUpTam> which is black blood made nauseating, awful gray with jizm
<@Shiari> Ewww
<DialUpTam> >:3

  • +Cordy blinks

<DialUpTam> well…I assume its the black coffee without creme?
<+Cordy> okay… didn't think she could get over to Darrion and Ginko this turn so I dunno didn't get your

description of it before I guess.
<+Ginko> you touch some semen, tehehe, and we continue
<DialUpTam> In either case they're not that far apart simple move and action
<DialUpTam> X3
<+Cordy> uh ok… so I can do somethin else now that you explained the pool better right?
<DialUpTam> yeah
<+Cordy> ok

<+Cordy> go and heal Darrion
<DialUpTam> sure

(Dammit, a perfectly missed opportunity for something vile to happen. >:3)

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