Tonia Annette Pegason
Tonia Annette Pegason
Aliases: "Anna"
Age: 19
Hair: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Silver
Height: 5ft 4inches
Weight: 119 Pounds
Race: Aasimar
Class: Cleric 6, Radiant Servant 6
Level: 12
Deity: Tamara
Alignment: Neutral Good
Experience: 76,461
For Level Up: 78,000
Hit Points: 108/108
Gold: 16,979
Current Status: Active
Played by Lisa J.


Amongst the followers of the Dragon of Mercy, Tamara, Tonia is one who gives her all in her devotion to her faith. Having heard the call to serve at a very young age, she uses the gifts granted by the dragon to heal the sick and save the dying without any regard for herself at times, however certain events in her life have increased her burdens. Though still a healer of men, now she is also a valkyrie; an agent of divine wrath who represents the other aspect of Tamara. This being the bringer of final mercy.

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