The Talwar-Kadath Townhouse

Address: 177 Bleecker Street; On the corner
Neighborhood: In the Trade District (Yellow Sector) of Avalon City.
Cost: 20,000gp + 9,520 in Extras
Style/Space: Three story townhouse; 10 rooms.
Staff: 3; They do not live in, but are let in each day at Noon and let go at Midnight -the exception being when the master of the house plans to be away for days at a time.

Mr. Wong (Servant)
Si Wong is a twenty year old Cho-Li migrant, who came to Avalon looking for a better life. He is a quiet, thin man with a shaven head, and usually wears 'nice', but simple clothing. Within the Kadath house he performs simple miscellaneous duties, like making purchases, delivering letters, or simply fetching things. He currently rents a room in the [Arcadia Inn].

He isnt kept particularly busy by Master Kadath, but he is always on hand. When he's not actively working, he often talks with Archibald or can be found reading in the Library. He finds Master Kadath and his lifestyle rather peculiar and the decor a touch macabre, but otherwise likes working for him because of his relaxed style.

Ms. Russe (Maid) or simply 'Charlotte'
Charlotte Russe is a forty-year old woman who grew up in the poorer districts. She has always lived a lowerclass life; working as a barmaid for several years, before she began domestic work. She was married at the age of eighteen to a carpenter for fifteen years until he died suddenly. She is zaftig, brunette, sweet like her namesake and good natured. Most employers require their housekeepers to wear a uniform, but Master Kadath didnt care. She lives alone with her two sons, Randall (14) and Rupert (16) who intend to take after their father's trade and one day open a carpentry bussiness.

She holds no ill will or suspicion of her employer, but her two sons aren't sure. They are old enough to take care of themselves while she is away, although they worry about her until she finally returns after midnight.

Chef Murray (Cook)
Archibald Murray or'Old Archie' as he is known, is chef of more than forty years experience. He is an aging man with salt and pepper hair, bushy brows and moustache. He has an eyepatch over his left eye. Before he was a cook, he was a soldier and often tells war stories from decades past.

He exchanges tales with Master Kadath and is always willing to hear them because his employer is willing to listen to his own over and over again. He admires Master Kadath's collection of souveneirs.

Appearance (images)

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First Floor

Common Area

The first room when entering the house from the front. It features a polished stone floor, layed over with lovely rug imported from Bazram. There is a large, colorful pot, wide mouthed painted inside and out that depicts a well known epic, on top of which sits a round glass plate so as to serve as coffee table. Around it are a pair of long settees, and a love seat.

The walls feature frescoe and many a mural that depict exotic scenes of his homeland, but also surreal scenes of the underworld with rakshasas, mariliths, and malephants.

There is one painting in this room; "Land of Confusion"; should the rest of the place be explored one will find many others like it. Altogether they look as though the works were crafted by a nauseous wizard that'd woken the fires of hell, the abject terror of the abyss, or the madness of the far realms in pigment, with a brush that was a nightmare-spawning wand.

Land of Confusion

The Dining Hall

The dining hall is not as well appointed as the common area-distinctly more rustic with its rougher wooden rectangular tables and chairs, although a table clothe covers most of this. Nonetheless, it warm place with great fireplace of green stone at one end, engraved so as to evoke the mouth of a monster or some beast-like thing; its spacious too, quite capable of seating thirty. Everyone eats here, even the staff.

There is a massive frescoe painted in this room. Three walls are dedicated to a nebulous pageantry: On one side of the room you see processions of robed, hooded figures whose outlines are not human, and look on endless leagues of desert lined with carved, sky-reaching monoliths. On the opposite you see towers and walls in nighted depths under the sea, and vortices of space where wisps of black mist float before thin shimmerings of cold purple haze. And on the back wall beyond all else you glimpse an infinite gulf of darkness, where solid and semisolid forms are known only by their windy stirrings, and cloudy patterns of force seem to superimpose order on chaos and hold forth a key to all the paradoxes and arcana of the world you know.

There are two paintings hanging in this room on either side of the door you came in.; "The Bloody Tongue" and " He Likes To Watch"

The Bloody Tongue
He Likes To Watch


A functional kitchen with stone floors, and a hearth at its center. It has a pantry with foodstuffs stacked on shelves and hung from the ceiling; and a scullery which provides storage for brooms and rags, along with a basin for doing dishes and the laundry.

Second Floor

The Bedroom Suite

Behind a set of ebony double doors lays Master Kadath's private bedroom suite. But what does this entail? Few have been privy to his private bed chambers. This door is almost always locked.

Guest Bedrooms

Master Kadath does not always have guests, but when he does, he prefers they rest here. These two adjoining rooms share a connecting door and a privy. They feature soft beds on sturdy frames, with a small beaura beside and a closet nearby. There within for convenience, are a few sets of unisex silk nightclothes should they be required.

One painting hangs in each room; "The Step Mother of Abominations" and "The Crying Boy".

The Step Mother of Abominations
The Crying Boy

The Bath

Features a large footed tub with embossed details that depict Myrmyxicus,Wastrilith, Laghatti, various sea serpents and other creatures. The room also feautes a chamber pot under a chair with easy means of disposal; fireplace to heat water for the bath baths; a fine cabinet with plenty of towels, and a dressing screen for privacy with padded upholstered benches. In the corner there is a mirror and array of brushes, and other grooming equipment.

There is one painting in this room; "The Evil Old Man By The Sea"

Evil Old Man By The Sea

Third Floor

The Library

On the top floor is the library whose unique round window can be seen from the front of the house. It has two tables with comfortable high backed chairs for reading, and a lectern at the head of the room. On the lectern sits a book bound in what to some is identifiable as dark (Drow) elfskin*, "The Mysterie of Darke Cultes". Despite the fact that Master Kadath is an expert on the arcane, religion, the faraway planes, and the mysteries of nature-his library contains books on none of these subjects. A personal library isnt for books one's read, but best used as a tool, that contains as much information on what one has yet to learn. Its shelves are stocked with tomes on History and Geography of Therafim. This is the place of most of his nightly lucubrations.(+2 on Knowledge Checks)

*( )

Three paintings hang in this room; "The Darkness That Came to Kalmak", "Lurker in The Temple", and "Old Master Midrashim (WW29-XX09)"

The Darkness That Came To Kalmak

Those who can make a DC 20 Arcana, History, or Planes check will recall an extremely rare book thats been debated as to whether it is fact or fiction- The Doom That Came to Kalmak, and suppose that The Darkness that Came To Kalmak to be a reference to this story. Kalmak is supposed to be a city, but there is no record of its existance anywhere. Among those that have heard of it, most say its a myth or at least its supposed to be myth. No one knows where it is or is supposed ot be, but you have heard people conjecture that it could not be of this world, but instead other plane. In any case, a terrible fate befell the city, in the form of something said to be unnamable, unknowable, and held in high regard by a cult within Kalmak who organized its downfall. For those who have read The Mysterie of Darke Cultes by Tammuz Talwar-Kadath, they will note he reccomended in his list of further reading -albeit, he did admit he had never read it himself.

Lurker in The Temple

Those who can make a DC 18 Dungeoneering, Geography, Religion, or similar check can recognize the architecture in "Lurker in The Temple" and will recognize that it suggests a temple to Bast, Pit, or Thoth or some such group of deities of similar major geograpical centers of worship- albeit, no particular deity is suggested.

"Old Master Midrashim (WW29-XX09)"

Those who can make a DC 18 Religion or History check will recognize Midrashim as a prominent cleric in Bazram, high priest of a temple of Thoth in Shimin. He was killed in his home not long ago-they say by his own grandson, whom has never been found. It is rumored that the man assailant not really the son of his late daughter, but cultists offspring, taken in by the old man after great heresy twenty years ago.

The Trophy Hall

This hall has many shelves on the walls, and what doesnt fit on them is laid out on a number of tables. Some of the items are labled or mounted, but Master Kadath is the only one who can readily identify the origin of all of them-his servants know some very well for he has told the tales over and over; they are small tokens and relics from his many expeditions all around the world.

1. Fragment of Metoritic Metal; Head of a Giant Centipede with A Human Face
(Taken from a meteor that held magically altered Ankheg eggs, which fell from the Void onto an island where they hatched into a Mockery Monarch whic converted humanoids into Mockery Bugs)

2. Ornate if Mildered Bedsheet, smells of brimstone; Pair of Iron Skulls
(Taken from the bedchambers of Devil Princess, Lady Nihil who resided in Castle Scarwall)

3. Vial of Black Ash; Vial of White Ash
(This black ash is from a mound of the same that the skull of Bishop Zev Revanka was buried in. His gem studded skull arose as a demilich. The white ash is bone ash from the raised skeleton of Lady Nihil after its temporary unlife was expended.)

4. Five Preserved Fingers with Flabby Claws; A Cruel Dagger; Illithid Robes; Burnt Map of Attack Plans on Duergar & Drow Strongholds
(Taken from the hands of an Ulitharid and his guards from an Underdark Fortress)

5. Roc Feathers; Preserved Human Arm, nails still show polish
(Taken from a roc that snatched a woman from the street, and carried her into the mountains. The rock would tear her arm from her body and eat it; her arm restored rather than reattatched.)

6. Hand sized Silver Dragon Scales; Large Teeth
(Taken from the body of draconic Cult Leader Shimmerscale)

7. Steel Fang
(From a Steel Predator called from Archeron and tracked to an abandoned keep)

8. Gnarled Branch with a claw at the end; Preserved Sheet of Human Skin
(Arm taken from a Forestrati, or corrupted treant who was flaying woodcutters as sacrifices)

9. Large section of Honey Comb with embedded Human hand under glass; Jar of Foul Looking Honey
(Taken from a cave filled with arcane bees attracted to magic. A wealthy man and a wizard were killed and honey comb woven around the bones of one, and honey soured by the decaying corpse of another)

10. Vial of Powdered Blood; Bloodstained Black Cauldron
(Taken from a cauldron used to boil blood for Blood Hulks. The necromancers operated out of a slaughterhouse, and sold the meat of homeless men.)

11. Curved Demon Horn
(Taken from a Babau that kidnapped a woman's baby, who later was found to register an aura of evil by an accompanying paladin. In hindsight, the infant could have been chosen of evil or an Unholy Scion.This demon was the first outsider he encountered, and first to speak to him.)

12. Furs that change color with the light; Tusk
(Taken from a Bar Igura called by a gnoll Sorcerer to guard a captured 'Unicorn Altar' capable of reviving the dead; he was able to intimidate the demon and its lesser fellows)

13. Fiendish Dire Weasel Pelt; Charred wood.
(After being sickened in rat infested storeroom while smashing barrels of ale, oil, moldering cheese, and flower- he set the place alight determined to be rid of it. The dust and the other flammables caught. It exploded. In addition to sending flaming kobolds whom had been in hiding, and rats scurrying-it also drove out a flaming dire weasel which almost killed him by draining his blood.)

14. Pair of Elephantine Ivory Tusks
(Taken from the corpse of a felled Bloodstriker, one of a dozen apart of a stampede in the Jungles of Heavens Tear while returning from seeking the eponymous Tears of Heaven)

15. Hand sized Red Scales
(Scales taken from a Red Tylor. A pair were encountered in the open fields on while pursuing a pair of Rocs back to their lair as they carried a woman way. )

A Tylor looks very similar to a huge, wingless dragon. A Tylor is a rare crossbreed of a true dragon and a Hatori. Hatori are distant relations of Dragons, that resemble a cross between a dragon and a crocodile. The tylor's coloring depends on the dragon parent - typically, a tylor has a Blue Dragon or Green Dragon parent (in addition to its hatori parent). Sometimes a Metallic Dragon, Sea Dragon, or even a Shadow Dragon will breed with a Hatori, but this happens very rarely.

16. Three Fist-Sized Eyes on a Single Stalk in a Glass Jar; Mace with a flexible handle of sinewy flesh
(Taken from a Froghemoth, and Flail Snail respectively. The shell of the latter was highly valuable and sold for something on the order of 50K silver. Both were encountered in a hidden structure under a swamp. The creatures were placed deliberately as guardians, but how they were sustained is a mystery. Half elven bard quintus uncovered the original map which was little more than illegible scrawls marked only by an ink stain, or what might have been a smashed spider)

17. Large Section of Battleworn Chain Shirt; Silver Holy Symbol in the shape of a Taloned Hand; Collection of Battered Weapons not Sized for Men

(Taken from an Ogre cleric and his band which had been terrorizing a small community. They made their camp outside of town, decorating the trees by impaling men on their branches. What remains of their damaged gear is retained here. The clerics holy symbol might at first be mistaken as a symbol of Pazuzu, but-it is in fact a very rare holy symbol of Vaprak who dwells on Layer 524 of The Abyss, Shatterstone. Part troll, part ogre, and all fiendish, Vaprak long ago declared himsefl 'gog of ogres' but his worship is few on Therafim.)

18.Looking Glass (Mirror) in Gold Plated frame;Antique Hand-Bell
(Not looted from anything, but freely given by a winter-fey, Jim Frost)

19. Fine Worktable of Dwarven Design
(Taken from a long-abandoned workshop deep in a mine that became the lair of a pack of worgs. Driven from their lands by giants, they found refuge and began preying on the livestock of a neighboring settlement. When the rest of the pack was slain, only the den mother was left who begged for her life.)

20. Silver Cylinder engraved with Runes; Leatherbound Notebook

(Inert item formerly used by a gnomish wizard who studied ghosts. The solid cylinders in his unliscensed laboratory were used to bind shadows, allips, and other incorporeal creatures. Something went wrong and some of the creatures had escaped, occuring after a fitful night of sleep-he had no spells by which to combat them and did not wish to go to the authorities. The unenchanted cylinder, and reseach notes were stolen on the way out with the knowledge the wizard could only offer a paltry sum as reward, most of his money going into his research.)

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