The Taint

DM Name: Sorrowdusk


Alisaadi, Ardent, 1
Arae, Druid, 1
Kaellack - Rogue/Sword Sage, 1/3
Rhine, Barbarian 2

6x CR2 Death Dogs (CR 7)

Alisaadi 720 xp
Arae 720 xp
Kaellack 640 xp
Rhine 720 xp
Solomon 720 xp (-45%)-> 396 xp [Solomon was forced to leave after the first round of combat.]
Silya 720 xp

1325 GP [Each]

Secret Stash [Solomon] -on a search check he found 8 gp someone had hidden in a wall.

Note-Alisaadi has caught a disease from being bitten by one of the dogs. Death Dog Disease [1d4 Str & 1d3 Con; Incubation period 1 day; characterized by jaundice and painful swelling around the eyes and throat.]

Quest Summary: [In Brief]

The party was hired by the city guard. After recent events the guards numbers were in full force on the streets, maintaining order, security, and seeing that cleanup continued so repairs can be made on damaged property …however, missive told of how some hired laborers (really unemployed peasants) were removing corpses that had since been left behind to decay in the recent siege. These men had been harried by what they said were wild dogs taken to the streets. Such animals are not unusual for a city of this size, but it would appear they are not of the standard "mutt" variety. They are viscious and cunning like wolves and twisted in unnatural ways "all jumbled up"-it appeared that while the demons have quit the city, and most if not all of the stragglers have been cleaned up urban wildlife had not gone…untainted. The last thing the city needed was for any sort of fiendish or altered population of animals to take hold. Lt. Tember of the city guard arranged to them in the slums outside of an abandoned house, where they belived they had located a "nest". Entering the property the party was witness to an old and weak animal undergoing a startling transformation, as it became apart of the pack and called others to its aid.


Cant Hear You Over My Awesome

Kaellack - Rogue/Sword Saint, 1/3
<Olivia> sword saint?
<Kira> Silya, knight level 2
<Olivia> don't you mean sword SAGE?
<Kaellack> err Sage ;)
<Ibis> Kae thinks highly of himself
<Olivia> apparently!

…The Dice. Deciders of Fate.

  • Dakheel (ksmh.ten.736d6ac6.cimanyd.0bd45ff3|legnAslleH#ksmh.ten.736d6ac6.cimanyd.0bd45ff3|legnAslleH) has joined #Therafim_Quest_OOC

<Dakheel> 1d20+6
<Vault> Dakheel rolls 1D20+6: 6 +6 = 12
<Dakheel> oooh…interesting

  • Dakheel is now known as Solomon

…How Perceptive…

<Solomon> 14"Grand, so how much coin we turning for each of their pelts?"
<GaMasTam> "Enough to make it worth your while." The Lt. remarked. "They seem to be dogs, but they're not… all right. Kind of… jumbled up like if you know what I mean."
<Solomon> 14"Bah, they're going to see how many of us make it out alive and cheat the survivors and pocket the coin for themselves…"

I Call it The Ex-Wife

<GaMasTam> what room is solomon searching?
<GaMasTam> The room where he's casting all those spells from?
<Rhine> what spell?
<GaMasTam> …NAGIC Missle
<Kaellack> huh?
<GaMasTam> Theres a higher level version called "The Ex-Wive Warhead".

Old Heller

Alisaadi tilts her head, frowning a bit "It seems sad" *her voice is barely even a whisper*

  • Arae frowns a bit. "It seems to be…rather old and ill with something…"

<GaMasTam> While Solomon searches the rest of you look into the ktichen and see the source of the noise-
<GaMasTam> -there is in fact, a dog! It looks like some sort of Lichthamer Sheperard. It doenst appear to be out of the ordinary, but you note it seems quite thin and-emaciated. It tries to eat at a piece of meat or something on the floor. You notice…an odd, dark sweat that drips from its body.
<GaMasTam> [What do you do adventurers?]

<Solomon> 14"You gonna put the mutt down Matran, or you gonna let it waste away?" 6he would cast hard grey eyes to Arae as though to prompt her into action. Standing behind the rest solely by virtue of his late arrival he'd keep a more than casual grip on his spear and one eye on the dog at all times.

<GaMasTam> Rhine tries to make friends with the dog but it just looks at you strangely. Its eyes water almost as if it begins to "cry" almost…
<GaMasTam> It coughs once, and its tongue reaches out of its mouth as if to lick his hand but suddenly droops seeming to stretch under its own weight, followed by rancid drool which simply poors out.
<GaMasTam> The dog seizes suddenly as more tears roll down its face, and a stream of bloody fluid with meaty chunks among the feces,is suddenly and violently expelled from its backside as it shakes like a dog shitting razor blades-a few of which are recognizable organs.
<GaMasTam> Its emaciated skin tightens, until it tears and its head bulges and almost inflates to obscene proportions as its skull divides into two seperate heads covered in a foul gray ichor…

<Silya> 10"By the gods… What mannor of plague is this?"6 she gasps. 10"it'd be kinder to put it out of it's suffering!"6 she wasn't close enough to do much about it but she covers her mouth with her gloved hands

<Solomon> 14"Sick…you Matrans sure handle things well…" 6he had been stunned for a few moments by the transformation but shook it off in time to quip after Arae's comment.

<Alisaadi> LMAO!
<Rhine> lol
<Rhine> see i knew it wasnt dead yet!
<Alisaadi> it is now
<Rhine> that there's a baby cerberus (channeling hagrid) and imma name it binky
<Alisaadi> it pooped it's organs out :(
<Solomon> haha
<Kaellack> lol
<GaMasTam> If you want further visual aid…
<Alisaadi> no thanks
<Arae> <Arae> SEE?!
<Arae> <Arae> I TOLD YOU!
<Kaellack> heh


<Rhine> well this was a damned if i do damned if i dont situation
<Rhine> alisaadi" YOu killed a dog!
<Rhine> alisaadi" why didnt you kill that thing!?

Sit Boy!
<Silya> 10"Bad Dog!"6 she can't help but yelp in pain as she gets bit twice no less.. Having to shift her focus to the two Dogs coming after her she tries to cut into one. Hoping to make sure that it atleast is no lonter a threat

What Goes Around

<GaMasTam> Rhine slashes out at the creature the power behind his swing lifting the dog from the floor and cutting nearly through it, sending it flying back down the stairs where it tumbled into the basement, leaving a thick sheet of sticky red ichor waving like banner of victory.

<GaMasTam> Two hounds remain, undaunted by their losses they follow through..doggedly.

<GaMasTam> !roll 2x1d20+7 rhine
<Vault> GaMasTam rolls rhine [ 2x1D20+7:14 (14 14 +7 = 21 )14 (14 19 +7 = 26 )14 = 1247 ]
<Rhine> both hit
<Arae> ouch

  • Rhine is more worried for the doggies

<GaMasTam> !roll 2x1d6+2
<Vault> GaMasTam rolls [ 2x1D6+2:14 (14 3 +2 = 5 )14 (14 6 +2 = 8 )14 = 1213 ]
<GaMasTam> Can I get 2 Forts Rhine
<Rhine> 1d20+7 1d20+7
<Vault> Rhine rolls [ 1D20+7: 16 +7 = 23 ] [ 1D20+7: 15 +7 = 22 ] = 45
<GaMasTam> !roll 2x1d20+6 trips need two opposed str rolls
<Vault> GaMasTam rolls trips need two opposed str rolls [ 2x1D20+6:14 (14 3 +6 = 9 )14 (14 18

+6 = 24 )14 = 1233 ]
<GaMasTam> DCs 9 and 24 respectivly
<Rhine> attack bonus included on those rolls or just str?
<GaMasTam> str
<Rhine> 1d20+5 1d20+5
<Vault> Rhine rolls [ 1D20+5: 9 +5 = 14 ] [ 1D20+5: 6 +5 = 11 ] = 25
<Arae> XD nice
<GaMasTam> coulda been worse
<Vault> Arae rolls 1D20+8: 12 +8 = 20
<GaMasTam> Rhine coulda gotten wishboned
<Arae> true
<Rhine> lol
<Kaellack> lol

<GaMasTam> The two charging dogs both get rhine one taking one leg and the second taking the other. They bite hard, and pulling though one loses grip they bring the barbarian to the floor.

  • Rhine is hit by two solid attacks though the don't seem to do enough damage to even make him flinch, a twisted sort of happy-go-lucky grin just preads across his face. Then unexpectedly he finds he has lost his balance as one of them follows through pulling one of his legs out from under him.

Blood Thirsty

Kaellack dodges to one side, laughing lightly and enjoying the action, of feeling his blood pumping, of feeling alive. Grinning wildly, he spins the blades now lined with fire briefly in his hands, slashing at the creatures as he continues to move around the fight.
<GaMasTam> Kaellacks flaming blades cleave through a dog one swing literally cutting the legs from under it while the following took the head from the body.

** Prefessionally Untrained**

<Rhine> 1d20+7
<Vault> Rhine rolls 1D20+7: 15 +7 = 22
<GaMasTam> hit
<Kaellack> kill it!
<Rhine> 2d6+11 Powah attack
<Vault> Rhine rolls 2D6+11: 6 2 +11 = 19
<Kaellack> ….ow
<Kaellack> :)

  • Alisaadi swoons!

Rhine stabs his blade lightly into the floor using it as support to bring himself to his feet, then kicking the flat of the blade sends it flying point forward at the still standing pup, twisting his hand as he pulls the blade with even more force skyward.
<GaMasTam> Rhine swings, catching it between its fore legs. As the blade passes through the body it doesnt catch on bone and life, but glides right through it, splashing him and the weapon with sheets ofn fibery ichor.

<Arae> about time
<Rhine> had to make it look awesome =)
<Kaellack> lol
<Rhine> dont try this at home kiddies
<Rhine> im a professionally untrained barbarian
<Kaellack> ;)
<Rhine> Flawed Victory
<Rhine> [Fatality] [Brutality] [Animality….wait im not a druid]

Like Trying To Open Candy Shop In South Avalon Selling Hamburgers Out The Back As An Alchemist at an Animal Taming School Really…It DOnt Work.

Rhine glances over toward kaellack. "Kael, next time I try to tame a dog. Please remind me that I am now a cat lover."

Lil Anklebiters, Like Kids Really. He Loves Kids.
Rhine sighs. "Well I could do with another round of ankle biters." He makes his way down the stairs hoping there really werent any left.


<Silya> 10"I would say that if this place has no one alive, that it would be best to burn it. To insure what ever has done that to the dogs here. Dose not leave."
<Arae> "The guard leader guy said they can't burn it because the surrounding area would catch on fire."

  • Kaellack nods. "True. Maybe we can get a mage or cleric or something to burn it without frying the whole block."
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