The Steel Escapee

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The Steel Escapee

Catherine, level 8 gnome psychic warrior/swordsage
Riel, level 6 monk/psychic warrior
Tammuz, level 5 human warlock
Tonia Pegason, level 9 human cleric
Dakheel, level 7 human psion/crystal master
Quintus, level 6 helf-elf bard

1 Steel Predator in a blizzard (CR 13)

Tonia: 1,800 xp
Catherine: 2,400 xp
Dakheel: 2,800 xp
Quintus, Riel: 3,600 xp
Tammuz: 1,800 xp (reduced for various reasons)

3,250 gp each

Quest Summary:
The party was commissioned to track down a deadly steel predator, after it killed its master, a foolish wizard, and was left with an unnatural hunger from the experiments performed on it. The party tracked it down to an old fortress, and beat it until its Prime Material Plane form gave out, and it returned to its natural habitat in Acheron.

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