The Sorcerers Apprentice

Quest Write-up Format:
DM Name: Tbg

Kiran, 1, duskblade
Skip, 1, rogue
Silya, Level 2, Knight
Kayrel, 1, cloister cleric

Animated furniture! (CR 1, and 1 CR3)

Silya, Kayrel, Kiran – 900 exp
Skip – 900 exp (-80?%) - 700 exp

500 gp each

Quest Summary:
Wizard’s apprentice playing with thing he should animated the furniture and kept it rebuilding themselves as they destroyed the lab. The kid runs for help. Enter PCs who show up to do battle with chairs and tables! They fight until Kayrel manages to get to the “powering device” and turn it off. Pretty simple and straightforward…if somewhat odd.

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