The Secret of the Whispering Wall

DM: Ran by: Lisa J.

Ariel Seolla, Level 1
Cordy Level 1
Crank, Level 4
Darrion, Level 1
Julietta, Level: 3
Kelvin, Level 1
Shalya Eveningstar, Level 2

20 Biters CR 1/8
1 Biter Mother CR 3

Ariel 558
Cordy 558
Crank 543
Darrion 558
Julietta 558
Kelvin 558
Shalya 558

550 Gp Per player.

Having heard the call for aid to a small town some two days ride away from Avalon, the party encounters a group of miners and their town mayor attempting to rescue people from a cave in from the near by silver mine. Their investigation comes up with something of interest. The earth is tainted with something that caused arcane magics to go haywire inside the mines without harming the environment, or so they thought. Finally digging their way into the mine, they find a warren of burrowing biters and their broodmother! They were able to destroy them, and learned that the tainted earth underneath the town of (aptly named) Poisson, caused the creatures to become ravenous and eat anything.

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