The Impregnation Station

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.


Villan (4)
Kaze (4)
Luna (4)

CR4 Voor
CR2 Choker

Total CR: 4 and a bit

700 Each

250gp Each + Items
Kaze: Crystal of Return, Lesser + Boots of Landing
Luna: Bear Helm
Villan: Ring of Protection +1

Quest Summary:
The trio were summoned to the Upper Wards of the Undercity to the Hawthorne Estate. Greeted in through the servants entrance by a surly half-elf gardener they got directions to one of the outer buildings of the grounds. Outside stood a women of unknown station, presumably of high birth by the condescending manner she interacted with them. They were told they needed because of a problem that had occured while the butlers were sorting through the wine cellar, the floor had given in exposing a chamber beneath.

With rope and torches they went down, and 'natural' perils awaited them at every turn. Before even the second of them had touched the floor a Choker tried to wrap its tendrils around Kaze and strangle the life out of him but it went the other way and it expired trying to escape out of a small crawl tunnel into a red glowing system of corridors and passageways thus blocking the way temporarily.

While that was blocking the way they took a look around, Kaze found one of the things they'd been asked to bring back. Vintage wine, much more important than hired help, and more valuable too. Meanwhile Luna tried clearing the way, strangely while the other two were hearing slurping noises. Rapidly the situation turned from tranquility to a frenzied tug of war, with the whole group almost getting dragged through the tiny tunnel but instead the Choker ripped in two, one of its arms missing when Luna finally got the upper hand and dragged the corpse back.

When they looked through for what happened, nothing… so they investigated with Villan in the lead. Naturally the ambush predators of these deep reaches were cunning, and it had secured prime location to snap at each of them as they emerged into the red mists. A violent battle ensued which almost saw the beast felled in an instant, but not before it lashed into each of them in turn and pounced Kaze, almost infecting him with some heinous bile.

In the distance other 'dog eat dog' style combats could be heard so they got out quick with what they could find, a single limb of the lost butler in a nestlike structure about a hundred feet from where the entered. Most importantly though, they left with their lives and the entrance would be permanently (they hope) sealed once they left.

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