The Grinning Man

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Cordy /cleric lvl 4
Darrion Ranger/5
Kaellack, Rogue 1/Sword Sage 1
Shayla/Swordsage/Cleric 4

1x CR8 Mob of Humans
1x CR(6+1) Darnoc CR 7

Ariel-Seolla 1500 xp (30% Decrease due to absence) ->1050 XP
Cordy 1600 xp
Darrion 1500 xp
Kaellack 1800 xp
Shalya 1600 xp

3000gp Each

NOTE- Kaellack has suffered the Curse of The Grave. He has [4]dmg that cannot be healed neither naturally NOR by magic. He must first recieve a Remove Curse or Break Enchantment spell, during which the caster must also successfully make a DC 20 Caster Level Check. If this is done the curse will be broken and he may heal naturally or magically. In the meantime he must take care to ensure it does not become infected. This may be performed by any properly skilled PC while IC or (as I always allow) he may take the option to presume his character is able to find a free service at a temple by sufficiently skilled clerics and "handwavium" the condition, and return to normal upon next entering character.

Quest Summary(in Brief): version// possibly TO BE WRITTEN (//probably// on the new site)

The party was wandering about in the markets enjoying themselves when they heard a sudden commotion a few blocks over. Investigating they found a narrow market street filled with shouting and arguing people some of them even taken to kife fighting. The party wasnt able to get a straight answer out of anyone, but it wasnt long before they discovered a pale old man with large eyes and pinprick pupils that were lit with a hellish light, pushing a cart as though he wet a street vendor.

Kaellack tried to sneak over to him, though was spotted, and so Ariel went to deal with him directly and fell under the same strang influence until Shayla was able to bring Ariel out of it. It turned out that the man's pushcart radiated an evil magic that incited dischord by means of a strange abstract sign or symbol. When they threatened the man he called out with a mighty shout that the elf dressed from head to tow in mithril plate was from the city guard, come to arrest them all. This stirred up the crowd and galvanized a number of them into a dangerous mob. Darrion slowed their advance with clever manipulation of the plants and trees linning the street and Shayla obscured the mobs view with a fog cloud.

Engaging the evil old man it became clear he had supernatural powers, and no blood at all. Cordy tried to inflict wounds, and realized he was among the dead when it healed him. The old man's frightful prescense was terrifying, but not enough to shake the party As the battle neared an end and the mob almost through the cloud he took an incorporeal form untouchable and in his words his true "immortal" form-although Darrions magical arrows proved otherwise and just in time. As the mob was on their heels all they witnessed was a phantom fading into the aether, unrecognizable as the old man, and they were convinced he had run off with a careful bluff. No longer out of their minds and having come to their senses, the people dispersed to clean up the mess they had made and tend to their injuries. Fortunately, while some were bloodied in the rioting, no one was killed.


** Oh No You DIDNT!**

+Ariel_Seolla looks out over the crowd and than raises her voice to the top of her lungs, shouting at the crowd, "EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT THIS INSTANT! Where do you think you all are? Drawing blades on each other in the middle of town."
* +Cordy squeaks and catches her balance before falling on her bottom from Ariel suddenly shouting having not expected that all of a sudden, blinking and waving to Shalya.
"H-hello S-shalya!" she said before looking about seeing is she could pick up anything out of the ordinary. [detect evil]
<GaMasTam> Most of the people in the street ignore Ariel, but not all of them. A man dwarven man stops trading invectives with a customer long enough to demand "Oi! Whatchu think you is dagga-ear'ed bitch?! Cept a dagga ear'd bitch, bitch. Tellin' me whatta do…I outta…"

"Duuude… I think he's like IN on it." "Dont be a pussy, this guy looks legit."

The old man picks up the cloth and examines it as if in appraisal. "Why this quite nice, servicable for many needs. MMmm what do you want for it?"

  • +Shalya approaches.. but her attention is more focused on Ariel as she speaks what sounds much like a prayer or a spell. resting her hand on Ariel's shoulder (Ressurgence)
  • Kaellack quickly gets closer, trying to sneak up behind the man but apparently isn't paying enough attention to his cover…
  • +Ariel_Seolla reaches out for the cloth to put it back in place over the symbol, "I said I need to cover the symbol on your cart, it's giving off some kind of magical effect, are you deaf?"
    • +Darrion would hold back not sure what is going on with the old man, he had put a cold iron arrow ready to fire, he didn't like what was up.

<GaMasTam> "Whaaaat?" the old man says a bit confused, "YOU'RE FROM THE CITY GUARD?" he asks, his voice amplified, echoing and reverberating unnaturally in such an open space "AND YOU WANT TO ARREST ALL OF US?!-THATS NO FAIR AT ALL!"
<GaMasTam> In that moment a number of people in the marketplace look in Ariel's direction, and begin put their own arguments on hold as they begin to gradually converge, swearing. They dont like each other at all, but seem to like the proposition of authority even less.
<GaMasTam> [Some fifty or so commoners have begun to form some sort of mob. What will you do Adventurers?]
* +Ariel_Seolla glares at the man, annoyed, "You've done nothing for me to arrest you for yet, and I only help the guard out occasionally. Now stop making things difficult, I just need to neutralize your cart before people start stabbing each other on the street because it's warping their minds." Not taking notice of the mob forming behind her yet.

RESISTANCE IS…Not Futile when it comes to the Will saves of Mobs from Urban Adventures…

<+GaMasTam> !roll 1d20+17
<@Vault> GaMasTam rolls [ 1D20+17:14 10 +17 = 27 ]
<+Ariel_Seolla> -4 to hit for subdual damage
<+Darrion> what you rolling there Tam
<+GaMasTam> stuff
<+GaMasTam> will save specifically.
<+Shalya> if the commoners have a +17 will save, i'm retiring and letting them adventure
<+Darrion> hell yeah
<+GaMasTam> Its not commoners. its a "Mob"
<+Shalya> they're still just dudes
<+GaMasTam> Mobs are like a swarm of medium creatures
<+Shalya> they're not borg >_<
<Kaellack> ………..they're a freaking HIVE MIND? wtf
<+Shalya> as long as i'm getting exp for each and every one of those borg >_>

Eat your spinach dear…

<+Darrion> now with rapid shot a +10 bonus for stuff
<+GaMasTam> coo

  • Kaellack is feeling pretty wimpy in this group :)

<+GaMasTam> ah
<+GaMasTam> eat yer vegetables

Hilarity Ensues

  • +Cordy would move closer to the grinning man to try to harm him with inflicting wounds

upon him wanting to free the townsfolk of control before they got to them! [Inflict Moderate Wounds]

<+Cordy> !roll 1d20+5
<@Vault> Cordy rolls [ 1D20+5:14 8 +5 = 13 ]
<+GaMasTam> hit
<+Cordy> !roll 2d8+4
<@Vault> Cordy rolls [ 2D8+4:14 2 6 +4 = 12 ]
<+Cordy> wewt
<+GaMasTam> …Hilarity ensues.

<GaMasTam> Cordy reaches out and touches the old man, channeling power into him. She can
only watch…as the arrow wounds in him close up and mend themselves. "Why thank you my
pretty…" he smiles.

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