The Grinning Goblins

DM Name: Tbg / Kaellack

Kiran, 1, Duskblade
Kayrel, 1, Cloister Cleric
Silya, level 2 Knight
HK-47, Level 1, Swordsage
Arae, 1, Druid
Nameless, 1, warlock
Zakayel lvl 1 Warblade

18, Goblins, CR 1/3
1 Leader, CR 2
2 Traps, CR 2 each

Kiran, 1, Duskblade - 1028
Kayrel, 1, Cloister Cleric - 1028
Silya, level 2 Knight - 1028
HK-47, Level 1, Swordsage - 1028
Arae, 1, Druid - 1028
Nameless, 1, warlock - 1028
Zakayel lvl 1 Warblade - 1028

2200 gp each

Quest Summary:
Adventurers were hired by the city guard to check out a creature sighting and a missing patrol. After encounter a pair of linked traps and getting cut up a little (though Silya managed to through off the poisonous affects of the second trap easily), they found a hole in the basement wall. Encountering a natural tunnel, HK snuck ahead in the dark. Alone.

The tunnel opened into a larger chamber where almost a dozen goblins were sitting about. Wisely, the warbot charged from the shadow. Or rather UNWISELY. The others rushed in to support, a couple rnds behind. As Kiran attack from the flank, the goblins dropped the warforged, paying him for his foolishness. As the group fully entered battled, they began to hack/smash/blast their way through. The scantily clad Bast cleric, offended by the warforge's horrible attitude, left him lying there while she helped others. Things were going well when goblin reinforcements arrived, with a powerful looking goblin leading the way.

Not that it mattered, as one light eldritch blast to the face, a serious stabbing by Kiran, and the druid in wolf form slashing his face off was enough to drop him before he could even act. Arae paid for her face removal techniques though and was knocked unconscious shortly after. But Kayrel's healing brought her back, and the warforged too (she sort of looked past his manners). After that, the goblins were doomed. However, 2 managed to escape down the tunnel to outside the city, running for their lives.

After patching up their wounds (as best as the cat priestess could given she was out of healing), they slowly made their way back to the surface to report in.

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