The Gibbering!

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CR3 Assassin Vine
CR1 BEAAAAAR (Of Woundedness)
CR1-2 Trap (Of non-effectiveness)

Total CR: Three and a bit… or so

Levels 1-3 (All of them) 400, adjusted upwards for massive numbers.

600gp each in rare minerals.

Quest Summary:
Hired by an Avalonian businessman to explore the mines closed down one or two decades ago by his father, this large expeditionary force set out on horseback towards foothills several hours ride from the big city.

Upon nearing the cave, one of their number spotted a creature similar to a horse or bear entering the mine entrance. Following the sights and sounds of the inside, they soon meet up with the creature, a heavily wounded adult Brown Bear that was looking to make good his escape.

Having been charmed and spoken to by the druids, the party learns that the mine they were sent to survey does indeed have things inside it and reluctantly they decide to check it out after letting the distressed bear go on its way.

What they find deeper down the main tunnel is an overgrowth of fungus, mold and other plantgrowth which culminates in a scarcely avoided ambush by an Assassin Vine which made swift work of Saya.

Upon defeating the Vine, with difficulty and a swathe of bad rolls, the party considered their next move but was pre-empted by those with the best hearing… they heard the gibbering. The madness, a taste of what lay further within.

Some craziness aside, they made good their escape and completed their cursory examination of the caves, bumping into a goblin on their way out that had been pilfering from a near depleted mining vein. The minerals they salvaged secured their payment, plus a small sum from their employer who would hire more competant folk now that he knew the precise nature of the matter to be dealt with.

Bad rolls all around unfortunately made this a hard one to run, Vault's fault… and seven players, no wonder my headache didn't get any better till this afternoon xD

Kathryn left and returned a few times, but it didn't hinder us, nor did she miss any of the combats.

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