The Evil of Shimmerscale

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM- Gideon

Iras, level 6 grey orc warblade
Tammuz, level 7 human warlock
Catherine, level 9 gnome swordsage/psychic warrior
Perada Maer, level 9 dark elf warlock
Dakheel, level 9 human psion/crystal master

CR 9 - lizardfolk band (4 CR 4 lizardfolk barbarians and 1 CR 6 lizardfolk druid)
CR 10 - Shimmerscale (Juvenile silver dragon)

Iras: 2,520 xp
Tammuz: 2,100 xp
Catherine: 1,350 xp
Perada: 1,350 xp
Dakheel: 1,350 xp

Iras: 6,075 gp
Tammuz: 6,075 gp
Catherine: 6,075 gp
Perada: 6,075 gp
Dakheel: 6,075 gp
A juvenile silver dragon's body

Quest Summary:
Called upon by Old Tom, the man with the fastest horse in his village on the border of the Shatterlands, to get help against the demands of Shimmerscale for sacrifices, the party set out to try and save the village. But when they arrived, the place was already burned to the ground, leaving only wreckage. They then set out to hunt down the lizardfolk servitors of the dragon, who were carrying off the rest of the townsfolk survivors to sacrifice to their dragon "god," and finally faced the dragon Shimmerscale himself.

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