The Dark One (Part two)

DM: Crave

Ariel Seolla- Level 5
Gajendra, Level 7
Julietta, Level 8
Luna, Level 8
Olivia, Level 7
Virgil, Level 7
Yuria, Level 7

Dracolisk CR 9
2x Tunnel Worms CR 7
2x Stonesingers, CR 7
Twilight Mushrooms CR 7
6 Grimlocks CR 2
3 x Battle each other CR 7
1 x Illithid CR 8

Ariel, 4,500
Gejendra 3,150
Juli 2,429
Luna 2,429
Olivia 3,150
Virgil 3,150
Yuria 3,150

Buckler +2 (4,165 gp)

Ring of feather falling (2,200 gp)

Divine Scrolls (675 gp)
Speak with Dead
Heat Metal
Charm Person

Arcane Scrolls (325 gp)
Summon Monster II
Acid Arrow
Unseen Servant

Longsword +1 (4,315 gp)
Int: 14 (2)
Wis: 13 (1)
Cha: 13 (1)
Ego: 7
Communication: empathy
Alignment: neutral good
detect magic at will
'deathwatch' continually active
sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)

Large steel shield +1 (1,170 gp)
Potion of mage armor (50 gp)

Aarcane scrolls (325 gp)
Minor Image
Shocking Grasp

Divine scroll
Raise Dead

Claw Gloves MiC199 (5,604 gp)

Bag of Holding type III D248

741 gold coins (741 gp)

Potion of barkskin +2 (300 gp)

Potion of cure light wounds x2 (150 gp)

Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (13 charges) (1,170 gp)

26 arrows +1 (2,326 gp)

Stone Battleaxe (+1 weapon) (2310 gp)

Cognizance Crystal (1 point) (1000 gp)

Short Sword (Medium) (+2 weapon) (8310 gp)

Power Stone Distract (25 gp)
Power Stone Concealing Amorpha (150 gp)
Power Stone Float (25 gp)
Power Stone Energy Push (150 gp)
Power Stone Swarm of Crystals (150 gp)
Power Stone Vigor (25 gp)
Power Stone Psionic Identify (150 gp)
Power Stone Psionic Knock (150 gp)

Mithril Chainmail (Medium) (+2 armor)

1000 gold paid out to each by the council

Amulet of natural armor (+2) (8,000 gp) - CURSE: possessor must eat twice as much as normal

Ring of minor elemental resistance (acid) (12,000 gp)


Dear Diary,
Kaze came to the Cassii home to request the presence of us who so bravely fought the evils plaguing Avalon City, charged with delivering a message to the drow below the city. I was unable to leave Tonia who is still comatose, so I sent Luna in my steed and granted permission for Yuria to go. My concern for her must not hold her back as she is struggling to come into her own. The following is an account as best as I could piece together from my conversations with those who were willing to discuss it with me:

Led by Kaze they were taken to a teleporter that went into the underdark where they were first encountered by a dracolisk.Despite a spray of acid, the party was able to successfully bring an end to the vile creature with Luna taking the final kill. After a careful search of the area they came up with a small cache of treasures.

The party chose to move forward, entering a tunnel that limited to moving side by side. Just around the next corner, Virgil was able to detect a weakness in the ceiling before them and before they party could make a decision about which way they wanted to go, they were attacked in both the front and the back. Gajendera and Virgil facing one and Luna alone in the back, but not for long. Juli, another barbarian who bears striking resemblance to Luna, stepped forward to aid her comrade. Together with the support of those in the middle, they made quick work of the creatures. The group turned and the "Barbi twins" hacked their way through what remained of the worm blocking their path, finding a wondrous bag that held more treasures then it would seem possible.

They returned to the spot where they battled with the dracolisk and chose another path, this led them into a chamber where an underground garden existed. Amidst it's own twisted beauty lurked two stone scorpions. They immediately dispatched the first and in a fit of rage over it's lost mate, the remaining used it's magical skills to create a stone tower all around Ariel, locking her without the hope of escape. The party tried to negotiate with it and eventually it was decided that they would leave the creature with it's fallen made and retreat with the agreement that it would release it's fallen comrade. As they began to back away, Virgil, in an invisible form, struck and killed the creature just as it kept it's word and released Ariel, much to the horror to some, the amusement of others.

Coming into a beautiful area full of mushrooms, they quickly found that they were not as pretty as they seemed, each one that was disrupted emitting a cloud of poisonous spores. To the horror and sadness of the group, Yuria was unable to withstand it and passed away. Her body was carefully wrapped up and carried by Luna in hopes that I would be able to raise her from the dead, if nothing else, able to properly lay her to rest.

As the group found their way to the next door, which was locked, Ariel was polite enough to knock, which rudely went unanswered. Virgil was able to pick the lock and lead them into the room where they quickly defeated by the
grimlocks after the illithid blasted them. When they came to, Gajendra, Luna, and Juli were bound and chained and the others were under the charmed effects of the illithid and had become it's willing servants.

Leading the larger three towards hard labor, Luna chose to attack and the others quickly came to her aid, together they brought down their captor and rushed upstairs to find their fallen comrades. After another fight with the illithid, it disappeared leaving them to square off against one another. Once Luna, Gajendra, and Juli had subdued the others, they found their gear and healed the fallen to find their minds were their own once more. They were without Yuria's body however and still had a message to deliver so they continued to travel on.

They reached the settlement of the drow and successfully delivered the message, returning to their original starting point, they burned the map as instructed and returned to Avalon City.

Thankfully in their absence, Tonia was returned to us, and together we removed Sally and returned her to her rightful place around Yuria's neck, it was taxing but between the two of us and the grace of both Hathor and Tamara, my new little sister was returned to the land of the living.


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