The Dark One (part three)

DM: Nicole_Valentine

Cordy Level 4
Darrion Level 5
Gajendra Level 7
Julietta Level 8
Kaze Level 7
Shalya Eveningstar Level 4

3x Arrow Demons CR 7
4x Babu CR 6

Cordy 3,200
Darrion 3,000
Gajendra 1,984
Julie 1,600
Kaze 1,984
Shalya Eveningstar 3,200

Gold paid by council 3,740 each


Dear Diary,

I finally found assistance in locating the books I so desperately need for my research, the sooner that I can figure out how to accomplish my task, the sooner I can help to put an end to the misery that has fallen my beloved city.

It is my understanding that those that I commissioned were able to go to the library, thankfully I was able to bestow my blessing on them since I could not be there myself. They found themselves facing Arrow Demons before they even reached the library however. Of course, just as I knew they would, they were able to slay the vile beasts and move into the library.

As I heard the story, my heart nearly stopped to learn that they also were attacked by Babu, considered amongst the demons as assassins and the sworn and hated enemies of the Arrow Demons, I felt the guilt rush over me, perhaps I am asking too much. Being far from stupid, these demons targeted those that they saw as the biggest threat, of course in the end it didn't really matter as one by one they fell to the mighty battle tactics of my friends. I must not lose hope that we can defeat what has come.

They did find the books and several of them came to deliver them. Kaze has refused to allow me to pay them from my own pocket and has promised payment from the council. I suppose I should go to them and advise them of what I have learned but I am so fearful that time is running out for those that I love, I dare not waste a moment.

The most disturbing of all were the cries and screams that none in Avalon was able to miss. Those who were there shared with me that the demons are able to open a portal from the Abyss to our world, spewing forth all the demons and evil they could, the library literally exploded from the invasion. Our saving grace however is that the seem unable to hold the portal open. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of demons could be heard howling their fury as they were sucked back into the Abyss before the portal closed, sealing them safely away from Avalon, but I have to ask myself, for how long will this last?

I wish the others were here to help me, I miss my family.


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