The Corrupted Priests

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.


Damakar Ivaros, level 5 psion
Perada Maer, Alias "Ayr'dal," level 8 elf (half-drow) warlock
Lucius, level 4 human mage
Riel, level 6 monk/psychic warrior
Iratus, level 5 grey orc warblade
Belle Hibiki, level 8 human swordsage/psychic warrior

A drawbridge and heavy shut door (CR 2)
3 Huecuva (CR 10 total)

Lucius: 1,700 xp
Damakar, Iratus: 1,590 xp each
Riel: 1,275 xp
Belle, Perada: 850 xp each

1,000 gp each

Quest Summary:
The party was summoned to Crescent (via a teleportation spell, with return fare as part of their payment…in theory) to stop a trip of priests that had been corrupted, and kidnapped a sacred virgin who had been offering incense, to sacrifice her to their new dark gods. The party penetrated the shrine, and then battled the hueceva to a standstill. One slipped away with invisibility, but the other two were slain, and the girl saved.

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