The Butcher's Block

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Alina Wizard 1
Ariel Duskblade 3
Darrion Ranger 3
Orion Rogue 2
Shayla Swordsage 3
Shyrindi Druid 2
Vlad Paladin 2

1x CR 6 "The Butcher"

Experience: 385 XP (to All)


450 GP Each

"The Butcher's Reaver" +1 (Cursed) Greatsword of Sacrifice (2000gp)

A wicked iron blade long as a man is tall. It has a faintly visible violet aura around it. Its permanently stained red, although for some reason its hard to tell whether its dried blood or just rust. No amount of scouring makes it come clean. It seems to absorb the spilled blood on it, its anyone's guess where it goes.

The item has a minor "curse" which is intrinsically apart of its function and cannot be removed, in that it must first be used to kill at least 1 Small creature or two Tiny creatures within the same 10 minutes to give its +1 bonus. This "sacrifice" allows wielders to benifit from its +1 bous which lasts 24 hours. Even if it does not have its +1 bonus to atk and dmg rolls, it still detects as magic, and counts as magic for the purposes of dmg reduction or attacks against incorporeal creatures.

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Quest Summary:

The party was contracted by Lt. Baurend of the city watch to investigate a series of serial muders with no suspects. The victims had been homeless, late patrons of a nearby bar comming home, and preeing the murders a large number of pets had dissapeared or discovered slain. For two weeks had something or someone been found butchered with fingers, armms, or organs carefully removed after being killed by a single swordstroke, all around the same city block. The Lt. posted two men to patrol around there as their resources were stretched thin, but the brazen murderer killed the both of them without anyone noticing. The Lt. suggested they patrol the alleys that night, as it was likely they might be attacked, or would at least see something.

The party left the bar near dusk, but became interested when a man in a bloodstained apron stepped out of a storefront, dumping a sack of trash in the street. Speaking with him it turned out he was a local butcher, he lamented bussiness had been down for everyone recently save perhaps the local bar. He mentioned he had a good deal on flank steak, perhaps somewhat awkwardly to the beastfolk druid-though Darrion and Orion were interested, and Shyrindi didnt mind a steak for her wolf. Forgoing the Lt. Suggestion they entered his shop to talk about recent events. Butcher Brown hadnt seen anything, although he had ideas that the murderer may have been a crazed soldier or the like who'd seen one to many atrocities. After speaking to him a little the party suddenly felt a malign prescence. Vlad detected an evil aura around a young employee who was finishing up for the day, weighing out the parties orders, and he became suspicious. The young man eyed them and Alina was startled as a knife set down on counter seemed to wobble unusually, moving just so as to point directly at her heart.

Orion slipped out the shop and inspected the trash, finding it full of bones, which Shyrindi was able to identify as mostly animal, strangely there were a few canid bones within, and what appeared to be a few human phalanges. Seeing this as suspicious, the party decided to stick around. Orion and Darrion went around the back, and picked the lock of the back door, heading down into the cellar. Meanwhile, the young employee who'd only been in town about two weeks started to leave, singing a merry little rhyme "Half a pound o' tuppany rice, and half a pound o' treacle". Shyrindi and Arielle put on the charm and tried to hold his attention. When he gave Shyrindi a look over, Vlad scolded him through the front window, peering in. Back in the basement Darrion and Orion got an unsettling feeling, and the former heard someone whispering in the basement. It was a faint sing song voice, "…half a pound o' baccaran…half a pound o' treacle…" They searched tracking it to a far corner behind a beam. Darrion commanded whoever they were to come out. They whipped around as a hoarser, deeper grunt came from behind them,
"…That's tha way tha story goes…" A hanging hogs lips twisted into a smirk, "…Outcomes the eeevil…" Darrion called for aid, and Orion went into a bit of a panic, and in moments the party had piled into the basement, followed by a very confused butcher and his recent employee who the party eyed with great suspicion.

Before anyone could begin to fathom the why or the how or even the if as to whether they had really seen anything -there was a long cry of anguish from somewhere outsided. Running up the stairs and out the back into a darkened alley, Shyrindi's wolf growled, drawing her attention to a mans feet-just as they dissapeared around a corner, as he was dragged by an unseen hand. It appeared in their absence what they had sought to prevent had happened. But-this was a chance to stop it for good. Running down the alley and around the corner, the met the gaze a bald, burly, barrel chested man in a dark striped shirt and a long coat as he looked over his shoulder. In one hand he hefted a huge blade and in the other he held a horribly wounded man by the hair. Dropping him and turning to face the party he squealed "Oh-I dont want to huuuuur yooou but I need the answers, and the keeeeey's in the meeeat, the pattern's in the spatters!" He claimed that all the murders held the answers, that they formed a pattern that had to be recognized. "Lets get wet." Engaging them the assailant proved a experienced combatant, trained in the blade arts recognizable by some like Shayla. The man's erratic almost convulsive movements made him hard to hit, and when Vlad should have struck true to smite the villain his attack was deflected, lighting up the night with the sparks of bright battle-lightning. However, Vlads subsequent attack found its mark and dropped the man, leaving him badly wounded an unconscious but alive. Attracted by the commotion, the Lt. and several other people came into the alley from the bar. The butcher and his apprentice had been peeking from around a corner, and seeing the fight was over they approached too. Julia was still suspicious of the butcher's apprentice and mentioned the bones they found in the shops trash.

However, before the Lt. could arrest the stabalizing man, the whole of the gathering crowd was startled by a loud CRACK as the man's neck snapped, turning almost all the way around. And then…one at a time various suddenly began to sing, each person reciting a partial line, with another nearby person finishing for them as if they all knew the words.

"Half a pound o'-"
"Half a pound o'-"
"That's the way the story-"

The Lt., Butcher Brown, his young employee, nameless men, and then a woman who's rhyme "Out comes the- " was completed by the harsh caw of a blackbird perched on the lip of a gutter.


It flew away, taking off into a blackened sky dotted with hideously winking stars, flickering like weak candles in the cold wind that blew through the alley. Some people were stunned, some people were horrified, and some people cried. But only Vlad through with a supernatural eye had seen the roiling darkness, a black cloud- an invisible, unsensible, unnamable thing of aphotic smoke. It flew from body to body, form to form, its tendrils reached into men and women using them as little more than meaty marrionettes. It became disturbingly clear that the murders were commited by likely by any number of hands, all unknowingly involved. The weapon could have been easily hidden somewhere in the refuse, in a little space known only to the Thing. The knowledge behind the precision with which the organs and the limbs were removed came from a cruel and likely ancient intelligence from beyond. It could have gone from whence it came , and indeed many hoped and prayed, but some despaired-for even if it'd gone it could return and more likely, it was still out there. The champion of light turned to go, saddened, and confused.


<Ariel_Seolla> *Shy and dar, making out*<Shy> "Oh yes, TACOS!" <Dar> "Did you just call out the name of another man?" <Shy> "Not technically!"

A Palidin Cant Use The Helm of Big Pimpin…

Vlad[Frog] hrmming softly. The little green Froglok reached back and dug around in his backpack, searching for two items. The backpack itself is somewhat charred and patched up from having been through an intense fire. He soon pulled out his big 'pimp hat' that he'd bought. Putting it on, he then slipped on his cloak and wrapped it around his armor. The froglok, now wearing a hat that's too big with a 102-
<Vlad[Frog]> 102-06 huge yellow feather sticking out of it

<Shalya> Vlad should get that hat enchanted so it becomes part of his adventuring gear :
<Shalya> :3
<Vlad[Frog]> Pimp hat. +2 charisma, +3 to slappin' hoes.
<GameMastaTam> a pimp palidin
<GameMastaTam> can those go together?
<Vlad[Frog]> Not sure. >.>
<Shyrindi> slappin hoes would
<Shyrindi> he's setting them on the right track… >.>
<Shyrindi> slappin' em for being hoes
<Shyrindi> lol
<Vlad[Frog]> Instead of Smite Evil..
<Shyrindi> XD
<Vlad[Frog]> It can be Smite Ho.
<Shyrindi> exactly
<Vlad[Frog]> Touch attack to backhand her with a little webbed hand.
<Alina> XD
<Shalya> there's a spell for that
<Shalya> bigby's slapping hand
<Shalya> it interupts spellcasting
* Shalya nods
<Vlad[Frog]> Bigby's Pimp Hand.
<OrionDeathBringer> mage hand
<Darrion> oh boy, I see the pimp hat talk being in the quotes
<Ariel_Seolla> <Alina> "Ouch, why did you do that?" <Vlad> "Sorry, the way you're dressed got me confused."
<Shyrindi> lol
<Vlad[Frog]> :>
<Shalya> o.o
<Alina> XD
<Shyrindi> you sure he wouldn't be smacking Alina with that one ?
<Shyrindi> have you SEEN the kitty girl's clothes?
<Shyrindi> lol
<Vlad[Frog]> Vlad: Now gimmie money.

If this Twinkie represented the normal amount of paranormal activity….

<OrionDeathBringer> "Seems this place is a magnent for all kinds of bad things to happen.."he slips an arm around Alina and pulls her close to him "Stick close my dear.."

(Totally a Venkman)

The Palidin Has a Plan
Vlad[Frog] the Froglok suddenly grinned wickedly. "Maybe not good idea for females to be alone." He points at Darrion, "We dress this one up like woman. Send with, to protect girls."

  • Shyrindi shakes her head. "No one in their right mind would be able to believe that Darrion would be female, he is simply too large." She points out, biting back a chuckle.

(The killer certainly isnt in his right mind, does he count?)

* Shyrindi fixes her gaze on Darrion. "Now is not the time Dar, let us formulate our plan and begin carrying it out before more innocents fall to this fiend or fiends. " She admonishes gently before chuckling at Ariel. "Dar in female clothing… Would be entertaining… " She giggles softly before looking to Ariel and smiling. "You would probably be the best one of us being that you're so handy with…

Oh No You DIDNT!
* Vlad[Frog] hrmming. "It rules. Supposed to protect girls."
<Shalya> you're over thinking. I really dont need to be protected like i'm some weak little farm girl. and She's right *waving a hand towards Ariel* She's pretty tough, she can hold her own if she has to
* Shyrindi shrugs. "Rules like that tend to get in the way. Best to come to the realization that we females aren't as helpless as you think before you get yourself killed with such foolishness." She stated simply.

You Have No Idea….Do You?
* Vlad[Frog] imagines Tam sitting at the computer wearing a robe and wizard hat.
<GameMastaTam> Know whats funny
<GameMastaTam> In first DnD campaign, it was right after halloween right
<Alina> haha Darrion got told haha XD
<GameMastaTam> And I was a monk that year, so I like wore a robe with a hood every week to that game through december

The Butl-er-Butcher did it. Totally.

<Ariel_Seolla> What delicious paranoia
<Shyrindi> geez I"m just gonna ask a few questions and Orion's all "HE COULD BE HANIBAL!!!'
<Shyrindi> lol
<Vlad[Frog]> That reminds me of It's Always Sunny in Philadephia.
<Vlad[Frog]> Frank's roommate kept stealing meat from the 'fridge. So he put 'human meat' in there, and the roommate ate it. :D

Oh teh NOES
<GameMastaTam> SUDDENLY!
<Shyrindi> lol
<Ariel_Seolla> OH NO!
<Ariel_Seolla> EVERYONE DUCK!
<Ariel_Seolla> It's a SUDDENLY
<Shyrindi> XD
<Shalya> :O
<Alina> lol
<OrionDeathBringer> the dreaded suddenly

Shaken not Stirred
<Vlad[Frog]> What does Shaken mean?
<Vault> Shalya rolls 1D20+5: 4 +5 = 9
<Shalya> there is consistency in the universe…
<Shyrindi> *still waiting fo the butcher to speak*
<Shyrindi> lol
<Ariel_Seolla> shaken is not so bad
<Ariel_Seolla> just means you're rattling like a dishwasher


  • Vlad[Frog] he waited until everyone was outside, and the door closed. Then he speaks, "Meat man evil. Can sense evil. He evil, doing something very bad. Not sure what."
    • Alina would move to join the group still looking towards the shop. "The knife moved in a way it shouldn't have, pointed right at me." she told them just loud enough for them to hear.
  • Ariel_Seolla looks to Vlad skeptically, "How evil? Just because someone is evil doesn't mean they're automatically responsible for whatever problems are about."
    • OrionDeathBringer would follow the group "he's chopping up the bodies and serving it to others,if someone knows thier bones..can see if the bones in that bag are human or animal."

Boobies and The Cock Blocking Palidin

<GameMastaTamm> Meanwhile in the store front, the young employee seems ready to leave, and humming a little song he prepares to leave. "…half a pound of tuppany rice, half a pound of treacle…"
* Shyrindi keeps her eye on the butcher and his apprentice, smiling sweetly at the young man if he cared to notice as Shyrindi was definitely NOT ugly.
<GameMastaTamm> The apprentice glances at Shyrindi on his way out, taking her in, looking at her like she's…a nice peace of meat.
* OrionDeathBringer keeps moving silent and down to the other door darrion was heading down.
* Shyrindi waves idly to the young man, batting her lashes briefly.
* Vlad[Frog] the Frog glared at the young man, who was attempting to leave. "Don't be evil!" scolding him.

<Ariel_Seolla> Butcher wants to make beef out of the cow girl!
<OrionDeathBringer> shake what your momma gave you
<Shyrindi> XD
<Shyrindi> that's what she's doin
<Shyrindi> lol
<OrionDeathBringer> show him your udders
<Shyrindi> oh god
* Shyrindi facepalms*
<Shyrindi> no, he doesn't get a look at her DD's
<Shyrindi> well technically DDD's if you think about it…
<Shyrindi> >.>
<OrionDeathBringer> vlad is being loud
<Shalya> O.O
<Ariel_Seolla> Hmm? Isn't the cup sized proportionate to how big you are, so a taller person has a lower cup size for the same sized breasts? Or something?
<Alina> I'm 5'2 with DDD boobs o.o
<Shyrindi> not sure
<Shyrindi> lol

Talk About a Party
<GameMastaTamm> baccaran is an alchemical drug
<GameMastaTamm> it serves no purpose except recreation, a type of hallucinogen that comes in a brown paste or powdered from.
<Darrion> damn, a half pound of that shit….talk about a party
<GameMastaTamm> Yeah

…Its What Tomato Sauce is 'Spose ta Taste Like

  • Darrion waiting on the calvery to save his ass
    • Ariel_Seolla is moving 30ft. a round, she'll be there in like 12 seconds

<Alina> XD
<Ariel_Seolla> Shalya is going like 60ft. a round, so she'll be there in like 12 seconds
<GameMastaTamm> what is this
<GameMastaTamm> a race?
<Alina> lol
<Ariel_Seolla> No! a pace!
<OrionDeathBringer> hell yeah
<Alina> XD

The Quarter Staff Conundrum
<Ariel_Seolla> you have two weapon fighting shy?

  • Shyrindi correction 2d10

<Shyrindi> no but it's a two handed weapon
<Shyrindi> apparently you can strike with both ends
<Ariel_Seolla> Only 1 attack is advisable than
<Shyrindi> which is why in the stats for quarterstaff it has two strikes listed for die rolls versus damage
<Shyrindi> as long as she is proficient with the quarterstaff she can do it
<Shyrindi> which being a druid she is.
<Ariel_Seolla> You'd get -4/-8 to your attacks if you make 2, and treat it as a 1 handed weapon and a light weapon rather than 2 handed weapon if you make 2 attacks
<Shalya> quarterstaves can be used as dual weapons or 2 handed weapons
<Shyrindi> I wouldn't have to treat it as a one handed
<Shyrindi> in the rulebook it's specifically made for striking twice
<Shyrindi> can lash out with both ends of it in both hands.
<Vlad[Frog]> There are other weapons like that.
<Shyrindi> kind of like using both your fists
<Shyrindi> no penalty
<Vlad[Frog]> Called 'double weapons'.
<Shyrindi> unless I can't use the weapon

  • Shalya forgot to mention dodge called on the nut job

<Vlad[Frog]> It counts as dual wielding, but with one weapon.
<Shalya> anyone can use a stick. :p
<Shalya> quarterstaves have the advantage of being usable as a double weapon if you have two weapon fighting

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