The Box Of Amon Phaer

The Box of Amon Phaer

REP has been awarded for this quest.

Run by Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Eluvan, level 1 gnome bard
Gajendra, level 1 beastfolk fighter
Kira, level 2 elf scout
Yuria, level 3 human psion
Locklear, level 1 half-elf scout
Amethyst, level 2 elf warlock

Aranea (the webmistress), lizardfolk, 2nd level warrior she-wolfen and half-orc (CR 6 total)

450 xp each

500 gp each

Quest Summary:
The party was hired to be extra security for guarding the Box of Amon Phaer, said to be cursed, especially to bring terrible things if it were used with virgin blood, whatever that means. THe party stood guard over it, until the Webmistress, a master thief (and an Aranea, as they discovered), broke through the bottom of the museum, tunneling in. After a close fight, the party turned it around, and kicked major butt! Taking the three minions of the Webmistress prisoner, the Webmistress herself escaped by sheer speed, though not without leaving the Box behind.

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