The Barlett Redemption Act 3

REP has been awarded for this quest.

The Barlett Redemption, Act 3

Ran by Lisa J.

Encounters: Living Wall: CR12
Grinning Jack (Boss) CR13

Participants, Level, XP

Eisen Level 11 2,310 XP
Servia Level 11 2,360 XP
Gabriel Level 10 3,000 XP
Dakheel Level 10 3,000 XP
Lucius Level 6 7,200 XP

Treasure: 11,500 GP / Character.

The last act of the Barlett Trilogy pits the players against the darkness that was eating away at the very heart and soul of the grounds. Learning of the horrible events that transpired, the party takes it upon themselves to put a stop to the nightmare. After a long and grueling ordeal leaving them beleaguered and exhausted, they return home to collect their justly earned rewards.

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