The Barlett Redemption Act 2

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Title: The Barlett Redemption, Act 2

Valdurleiche X2, CR 11

Participants, Level and XP reward.

Eisen Level 11 1,320 XP
Servia Level 10 1,800 XP
Gabriel Level 10 1,800 XP
Lucius Level 6 4,320 XP
Dakheel Level 9 2,160 XP

Item Obtained: Magical Bestiary, Three uses. Can be used to identify any ghost within the mansion three times before it disappears. Can not be taken from the mansion by any means or copied.

Learning that the mansion that Malwyn Brahms sent the players to was haunted by vengeful dead spirits, they find a nursery that was haunted by the afterimage of the matron of the house who was searching for her lost baby. The presence of the living caused a pair of Valdurleiche (Hanged Men) ghosts to attack the party where Lucius nearly met his end. Overcoming the encounter, the party's explorations bring them to a study where they also learn that not all the spirits within the mansion are malefic. A pair of ghosts, one of a little girl named "Sophie" and her father's head that she is carrying around named "Donovan " were hiding in the library from the evil creatures wandering the miasma-filled halls.

A new task has been given to the party now, Reunite the Barlett family and appease the angry spirits within the mansion by punishing one Grinning Jack, a powerful specter. If the family is reunited, the party will have a chance against him.

To be continued.

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