The Barlett Redemption

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The Barlett Redemption Act 1

Death Spirits X7, CR 10

Participants and rewards.

Gabriel, Riel, Level 7: 1050 Exp
Eisen, Level10, 500 Exp
Lucius, level 5, 1500 Exp
Dakheel, Servia, Level 8, 800XP

Hired by a wealthy philanthropist, the band of adventurers take on a job of reclamation that turns into a nightmare. The house that is occupied by Syndicate mages and thugs becomes a charnel house as they find one of their number sacrificed in a bizzarre manner that caused a vortex of negative energy known as a "Tempest" which brought Death Shades amongst them. Lucius perishes in the battle. but is resurrected by Servia…

DM Notes: Ruling as follows.

  • Until quest end, Lucius looses -2 con until he receives 8 hours bed rest. He will NOT loose a level for the resurrection. Secondly, he will have FULL recollection of his death and remember how it feels to die, scarred by the experience and can RP accordingly.
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