*The Elder Elemental Evil**

Symbol: A black triangle with an inverted yellow Y set inside, each point of the Y ending at the midpoint of one of the triangle’s sides.
Home Plane: None – sealed in a solitary prison plane
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Ruin, elemental power, vengeance
Worshipers: Fanatics, nihilists, evil elemental beings
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, CE
Domains: Balance, Evil, Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Favored Weapon: Curved dagger

In Therafim, Tharizdun was a creature from the raw elemental forces that had originally shaped the world, after having taken on a life of its own. The Elder Elemental Eye is a multifaceted being, constantly shifting and reforming in a maelstrom of whirling elemental force, from which can be seen the vague impression of all-seeing eyes staring out at the cosmos. Tharizdun’s chaotic, ever-shifting, uncontrolled nature is a direct parallel to its inability to coordinate most of its followers, which has thus far kept it from establishing lasting dominance.

The worshipers of The Elder Elemental Eye want to overthrow all the tenets of mortal civilization and usher in a new and more terrible age, where elemental forces run rampant and unchecked by the present rules of the universe, and only the faithful will be preserved because of their faithfulness to Tharizdun, which will ensure positions of great power in the new order to be brought to pass. Secrecy is a prime virtue of Tharizdun’s worship, since the gods of Therafim and their servants would soon crush what little power Tharizdun still has left to mete out to its followers left in the world. The end goal of Tharizdun’s aims is to bring about the absolute disintegration of everything in a massive conflagration of elemental force, in which the Elder Elemental Eye hopes to achieve true freedom from the bounds of established planar reality. It is certain that while Tharizdun might, in theory survive this, nothing else would.

Clergy: The aspects of Tharizdun are torn into different Elemental Princes, each of which has a separate personality, though similar aims. Followers choose one of the four elements plus Evil or Destruction as their starting domains. The clergy wear ocher robes trimmed in either white (air), yellow (earth), red (fire), or dark blue (water) and build temples in places and décor most appropriate to the Elemental Prince they worship.

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