Temple of Garyx

REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM Name: error42

Amethyst, Level 4, Warlock
Kara'nydraess, Level 7, Dragonheart Mage
Quintus, Level 8, Bard
Kira, Level 5, Scout/Ranger
Tonia Pegason, Level 10, Cleric/Radiant Servant
Eisen, Level 13, Incantrix/Wizard

20x Gargoyle CR 5
Troll CR 11
Xorn Large CR 10
Xorn Medium CR 8

Amethyst 5000xp (Partial)
Eisen 1950xp
Kara'nydraess 4500xp (Partial)
Kira 9500xp
Quintus 7600xp
Tonia Pegason 9000xp

Amethyst and Kara, 2500 gold.
Quintus, Kira, Tonia, Eisen, 6000 gold each.

Amethyst: Healing Belt MIC Pg110
Kara:Ring of Brief Blessing MIC Pg122
Quintus: Crystal of Life Drinking, greater MIC Pg64, Dimension Stride Boots MIC Pg94
Kira: Skirmisher Boots MIC Pg 136, Crystal of Return, lesser MIC Pg65
Tonia: Amulet of Emergency Healing MIC Pg68, Rod of Defiance MIC Pg56
Eisen: Deathguardian Bracers MIC Pg93, Goggles of the Golden Sun MIC Pg205

Quest Summary:
Summoned by a powerful wizard the adventurers were sent on a quest for some very specific items, Skin of a Gargoyle, Rock of a Golem, and the Egg of a Xorn. They were teleported to the Temple of Garyx where they quickly fought and dispatched a murder of gargoyles. After entering the temple they found that they were not the only ones looking for treasure, a Troll had wandered in and fought the party trying to get them to leave, once the troll knew he was dieing he hurled his axe on a trap causing it to explode and the ceiling to cave in knocking out Amethyst and killing Kira… thankfully Tonia was able to bring her back.

The party then found a chained up Golem that had been trapped by the servants of Garyx, they questioned the Golem and left him chained to the wall while they finished the Quest… they later returned to free the good natured Golem from his prison.

Finally reaching the base of temple the party found what appeared to be a few mounts of gold and gems along with two coffins… the Xorn living under the ground did not take kindly to the party messing with their food of gold and stones so they attacked. After the party dispatched of them they cut open the large female Xorn and took the egg. Returning to the wizard they delivered the items and returned home

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