Sunken Cave of Adventure

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM Name: Nicole Valentine

Dakheel, Level 8, Psion/Crystal Master (5/3)
Eisen, Level 10, Wiz/Incantatrix
Quintus, Level 6, Bard
Tonia, Level 9, Cleric
Tammuz, Level 6, Warlock
Villan, Level 1, Swordsage

1 x Cave Troll CR 4
5 x Doombat CR 4
2 x Fail Snail CR 3
1 x Fail Snail CR 5
1 x Fog Warden CR 6
1 x Froghemoth CR 13
3x Monstrous Frog CR 5
Slippery Edge
Sinking Bog

Dakheel 3,466
Eisen 2,166
Quintus 5,200
Tonia 2,625
Tammuz 5,200
Villan 2,400

3 Snail Shells worth 5,000 each, sold and split 2,500
Dakheel 2,500 + +2 Vest of Resistance (4,000gp) + Boots of Sidestepping (6,000gp)
Eisen 2,500 + Bracers of Armor +2 (4,000gp) + Book of Spells *
Quintus 2,500 + Replenishing Skin (1,000gp, bonus item) + Personal Oasis (4,600gp) + Assassin Whip (5,301gp)
Tonia 2,500 + Thorn Pouch (4,400gp) + Rod of Defiance (7,312gp)
Tammuz 2,500 + Rod of Grievous Wounds (2,000gp) + Radiant Sphere (3,500gp)
Villan 2,500 + Vanisher Cloak (2,500gp) + Masterwork Hideaway Bastard Sword ( 2000gp)

Book of spells contain the following:
Animal trance
Black tentacles
Charm monster
Lightning bolt
Obscuring mist
Rainbow pattern
Stone shape
Water breathing

Quest Summary:
Quintus found himself in possession of a “treasure map” that consisted of little more then scribbles and some dead spiders on a piece of parchment paper. Finding himself in Arcadia, he somehow managed to convince a group of friends to come together and go exploring the map and looking for great treasure.

After traveling for some time, they found themselves in a swamp. Undeterred by the stench and sight of the decaying foilage all around them, the brave group trouped onwards. The unfortunate slip of a food caused one after the other to slide into the murky water which seemed to have a life of it's own. The dark inky fluid contracting all around them, eventually spitting them into a cavern far below ground.

The group found themselves facing a host of dangers, starting with a group of Fail Snails, sneaking past a large group of Doombats, and onto a slippery ledge where Tonia nearly plunged the 25 feet to a waiting Cave Troll surrounded by a thick fog, luckily Dakheel was able to catch her and pull her to safety before she fell.

The Cave Troll* was quickly dispatched, much to the disparity of Dakheel who had made telepathic contact with the creature and convinced it to surrender. Tonia, a loving cleric of Tamara, was also dismayed to kill the creature after realizing it was giving up. The fog came together to reveal the visage of a man who attacked the group relentlessly with lightning bolts, he too was quickly ended.

As they moved through the next corridor and into the room beyond the door, they found themselves facing three Monstrous Frogs and a Froghemoth. Eisen, who was left silenced, moved a little too close to the Froghemoth and within the breath of a moment the monstrous creature used it's long tongue to wrap around his waist and and pull him back, swallowing him whole. Quintus, ever the hero, rushes forward to slice open the creatures belly and free Eisen before too much damage can be done.

With the evil frogs defeated, the adventurers find a small tunnel that is full of the waste of the adventurer eating frog, along with a pile of treasures to split amongst themselves.

*With the ever spotful eyes of the half elf Quin, another treasure map was discovered, what will this one lead the adventurers too?

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