Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM: Pale

Kara'nydraess Nyatia (5)
Villan (3)
Tyr (1)

Otyugh CR3
Ooze CR3
Chair CR?

550 for Villan and Tyr
400 for Kara

850gp each

Quest Summary:
Thomas Layton an administrator for the Vault 77 storage complex hired the adventurers to meet up and get shown to sewer where a particularly smelly problem was waiting for them. The local mercs weren't hired for that kinda job so they just watched while Villan yanked open the sewer hatch like a pro and they all descended into the stink. Though they failed to notice something. It was hard to miss an animated chair that followed them for a while before getting bored of being ignored.

To begin with they went the wrong way, ran into an Ooze and backpeddled to avoid it but after they'd found their enemy in the form of an Otyugh trying to make its lair and claimed their prize they ran into the Ooze again blocking their path. After slaying it they got out safely, though the combat they wished to avoid (and could have done) they all left with little more hurt than scratches and plenty of coin to buy bandages with or potions if they want to try exploring some more down there.

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