Beneath even the Undercity are the sewers, a sprawling network of tunnels, chambers and cisterns. Waterfalls of waste pepper the network, dropping sewage from the city high above via tunnels far too small for anything bigger than a rat. Much of the system remains stagnant, perhaps only fifty percent flowing constantly while the rest is a bog of unpleasant substances.

Beyond the main level of the sewers and its wide arching tunnels there are the open cavernous reservoirs of the lower levels. Adventurers should take care that they visit only if they are well prepared as that area has been relatively unmaintained since before even the founding of the city. Plenty of tales of peril are easy to come by in taverns, stories of parties being washed away by unexpected avalanches of offal, or sucked down into the lower levels by hidden sinkholes.

All the usual dangers of sewers exist, Oozes, Otyugh, Disease and even the occassional Undead to name but a few. The lower levels are rarely spoken of beyond the soft red light that illuminates the tunnels leading to them, few must have returned to live the tale and those tales that are told tend to exaggerated beyond worth by people looking for free drinks or bragging rights. Those that have honestly been there will know that it is moss which provides the light, a type of fungi native to the Underdark. It lends to the question of whether the sewers might connect to or drain into the Underdark, or if it used to… suffice to say it has not been conclusively proved either way but the surveys conducted when the sewage network was founded discovered nothing.

Reaching the sewers from the surface and vice versa requires first venturing to the Undercity, and secondly gaining entrance through the highly secure metal plates that cover the entrances. Few entrances exist in the Undercity and they are all on patrol routes, kept tightly under lock and key. Gaining access without permission would be difficult as the grates are said to be trapped also, however there are said to be a few ways down there through the Underhive.

Now and then a person may go missing, or there will be an expedition to purge the upper levels of the sewers but by and large it is left alone by the city authorities. Rumours of Underhive ganglords using it for various purposes exist, smuggling, storage, punishments, initiations, even talk that there may be something worth venturing there for but who knows? If there is then it is kept quiet by all that know. Although of all the rumours of the sewers, perhaps the strangest if it were true is that a whole community of sewer dwellers live down there somewhere.

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