Serene Guardian

If you have a d iscipl ined worldview and a cert ain level of
combat pro wess, and you have the tul e of Luminary champion,
the n becoming a serene guardian is simply a mat ter of
devoting the necessary time to t ra in ing your mind.
figh t evil 10 the best of your abili ty, the order is proud to
call you a member.
Alignment : Any lawfu l. The Luminous Order do e sn 't
tolera te evil mem bers , and evil char acte rs a ren' t accepted
among the or der' s ranks, but neve rthe less a se rene
gua rdian who fa lls from grace keep s th e powe rs of the
ser en e gua rdia n class a nd ca n s till gain leve ls in the class .
Base Attack Bonus: +6.
Special: You must hav e an affiliat ion sc ore of9 or highe r
with in the Luminous Orde r to become a se ren e gua rdian.
If your affiliation score dro ps be low 9 afte r you have
become a serene gua rdian, you retain all class fe atu res
and the a bility to adva nce in th e clas s .

Ba se
Attack Fort Ref Will
'Level Bonus Save Save Save Spe cial
1st +1 +2 +2 +0 Re so nance ,
pa infu l re lea se
2nd +2 +3 +3 +0 Damaging relea se
3rd +3 +3 +3 +1 Mo nk ad vance ment
or bonus feat
4th +4 +4 +4 +1 Stagge ring release
5th +5 +4 +4 +1 Grea te r resonance
6th +6 +5 +5 +2 Traumat ic release
7th +7 +5 +5 +2 Immune to fear
8th +8 +6 +6 +2 Confou nd ing rele ase
9th +9 +6 +6 +3 Uncl ouded min d
10th +10 +7 +7 +3 So ul release

Clas s Skills (2 + Int modifier per leve l): Bala nce , Climb,
Concentrat ion , Craft, Esc ape Art ist , Hide , Int imidat e,
Jump, Knowledge (religion) , Listen, Move Sile nt ly,
Profess io n, Sense Motive , Spot , Swim, Tumble.

As a serene guardian, you deliver blows that establish ,I mystical
reson an ce with in your target. You also learn methods
to release rhar resonance in ways that harm your enemies.
All th e following are class featu res of th e sere ne gua rd ian
prestige class.
Resonance (Su): \X'hen yo u enter the class, you be come
able 10 establ ish resona nc e in your enemies. \\:fhe nevcf r oll
deal damage to a foe two or more tim es in a single round,
you create 1 point of reso na nce in that enemy. YOLIusuall y
nee d to make a fu ll atta ck to create reson an ce, but a sing le
arrack follow ed bya successful attack ofoppor tunity before
yo ur next turn also allows you to do so.
To prod uce an effect, you must release the reson ance y Oll
have establi shed. You ca n o nly release resonance in on e
target at a rime. Whe n you release resonance in a foe, all
th e resonan ce points you have created in that opponent arc
loosed 10 produce rhe effect you cho ose. The c hos en effect
o nly affe cts the creature from whi ch th e reso na nce was
rele ased. Once resona nce is released, th e target in wh ich
it was released returns to 0 reson ance poi nr s; yo u haw 10
create resonance in th at enemy again bcfoere you (;111 Pt'>
duc e ano ther effe ct aga ins t it.
At 5th level, your mastery of resonance increascs. I[ you
deal dama ge to J foe three times o r more in a single round,
you crea te 2 poin ts of reson ance in (hat opponent.
Painfu l Release (Su): As a swift action , you C 111 release
reson anc e in the form of searing pain that flows th roug hout
you r targe t's bod y. For each poi nt of rcsonanee released,
that foe takes a - 1 pen alt y on arrac k rolls :lI1J saving th rows
[o r a number of rou nd s eq ual to th e numbe r of reson ance
poi nt s released . This abilit y has no effe ct o n creatures th at
are im mune to ex tra damage from critical h its.
Damaging Release (Su): At 2nd level , yo u It-am how to
damage your foe directl y with the power of reson an ce. As
a swift action, you G ill release the re son an ce you haw ere.
ncd within a target to deal that foe Id6 poi nts of damage
per point of resonance released. Th is damage doesn't help
you create re sona nce in the target again.
Mo nk Advancement o r Bonus Feat: Most serene
guardians were once mo nk s, fighter s, or rangers, because it's
easier for suc h characters to damage the same e nemy twice
in th e same round. Beginning at 3rJ level. ifyou have levels
in monk, you C::J.n count hal f your serene guardian levels
as monk level s for calc u latin g your flu rr y of blows atta ck
bonus, Armor Class bonu s, and unarmed damage. If you
don 't have monk levels, you can instead choose any bon us
fea t for whic h you meet th e prereq uisites from amo ng th e
allowed fight er bonus fea ts (PH 38).
Stagger ing Relea se (Su): At 4t h level, you learn hewto
slow you r enemy by releasing resonance. As a swifr ac tio n,
you G ill release th e resonance you have created within a
target to reduce th at foe's spe ed by 10 fee l in all modes ptT
poi nt of resona nce released .The effect lasts for a numbe r of
rounds eq ua l to the number of reso na nce points released .
Trau matic Release (Su): At «th It-vel, your power over
reso nance becomes more destructive. As a swift action,
you can release [h e resona nce with in a target to deal th ai
foe 2d 6 points of damage per point of resonance relea sed.
This dama ge doesn't help you create resonan ce in the target
Im m u ne to Fear (Ex): \X' hen you reach 7th level, your
mi nd becomes so serene th at fear be comes a mere cb st racrion
. You are immune to fear, magica l or otherwise.
Confou n di ng Release (Su) : At 8th level and higher, the
resona nce you rele ase can be fuddle th e mi nd . As a swift
ac tio n, you can release th e resona nce you haw created
wit hin a target to affeCl lha t foe with wnfusioll, as th e spel l.
The effect lasts for a numbe r of roun ds eq ual to the number
of resonance points relea sed.
Un cl o uded Mi n d (Ex): At 9th level and high er. if you
fail a \X'ill save, yOll can make a Co nce ntratio n check and
use that check 's resul t as your save res u lt.
Sou l Release (Su): At rorh level , your master y of resona
nce is absolute . Yo u GIn use resonance to separate your
enemy's soul from his body, killing h im instantly.To atternpt
a soul rele ase, yo u must have created 1 poin t of resonance
in you r target for every 2 Hit Dice [hat en emy ha s.Then, as.
a swift action , you can release th at resonance, forcing that
roe 10 succeed on a Fort itude save (DC 10+ your serene
gua rdia n level + your \V' is modi fier) or di e. Thi s is a death
effec t.
Th ey call you "sere ne" fora reason, Even whe n yOli seem
overmatched, you're unflappable in a figh t. Part of th e reason
for yo ur coo l de mean or is thai you know you're quietly cre ating
resonanc e for a release move.
Com ba t : Th e l umin ous Order oflen assigns serene
g uardians to at tack enemy leaders and powerful indi vid unI
mo nsters. Because of the way reso nance works, a serene
g uardian is less effective wh en he's co nsta ntly changing
target s. Othe r l uminar ies know th at a serene guardia n
wants to make full att ack s every round , so th ey often t ry to
d istr act th e guardian's target and othe rwise keep enemies
off th e gua rdi an's back.
Ad va ncemen t : Bein g recruited i nto the ranks of the
serene gu ardi an s requires proving yours elf to the l uminous
Orde r, th en showing tilt.' existing serene g uard ians
that you have the mental disci pline to jo in them. Further
advancement is simply a matt er of unceasing practice and
profound rned irancn.

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