Save the Princess!

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM- Gideon

Tyr, level 1 changeling psyhic rogue
Cherile, level 3 human barbarian/fighter/revolutionary
Alexandra, level 1 beastfolk bard
Anemone, level 2 human Ardent
Crank, level 2 warforged monk

1 ogre
6 level 1 orc fighters
Total CR: 6

540 xp for each.

800 gp for each.
Plus: pretty dresses for Anemone!
And everybody gets season tickets to Princess' shows!

Quest Summary:
A popular singer and dancer at the clubs in Avalon City, Princess, was abducted from her caravan after a tour to the continent of Cargando, by raiding orcs that intended to sacrifice her to their dragon "god," Shimmerscale. When the party arrived, the songstress was tied to a stake, draped in valuable baubles, and nothing else. They met the orcs and their ogre companion in mighty battle, and saved Princess before it was too late, wisely leaving the region before the dragon showed up.
(REP Awarded)

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