Sanctum Spell

Sanctum Spell

Type: Metamagic
Sources: Complete Arcane

Your spells are especially potent on home ground.

Prerequisite: Any metamagic feat.
Benefit: A sanctum spell has an effective spell level higher than its normal level if cast in your sanctum (see below), but if not cast in the sanctum, the spell has an effective spell level 1 lower than normal. All effects dependent on spell level (including save DCs) are calculated according to the adjusted level.

A sanctum spell uses a spell slot of the spell's normal level.

Special: Your sanctum is a particular site, building, or structure previously designated by you, and no larger than 20 feet/level in diameter. The designated area must be a site where you have spent a cumulative period of at least three months. Though a sanctum can be designated within a larger structure, its special advantages do not apply beyond the maximum area. Once designated, it takes seven days for a site to become a sanctum, and if you designate a new area to be your sanctum, the benefits of the old one immediately fade.

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