Return To The Marsh of Madness

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

RunTime: 10:00-11:30 (Forced Pause) 12:00-2:30
[Inits/Combat: 12:45->2:09]

Ariel Duskblade 2
Cordy Cleric 2
Darrion Ranger 2
Julietta Barbarian 4
Shayla Swordsage 2
Vlad Paladin 1

1x CR4 Vine Horror Cultist (CR4)

Ariel 225 xp
Cordy 225 xp
Darrion 225 xp
Julietta 200 xp
Shayla 225 xp
Vlad 225 xp

Ariel 500gp
Cordy 500gp
Darrion 500gp
Julietta 500gp
Shayla 500gp
Vlad 500gp

Quest Summary:

The party was contracted by a small group of families hoping to settle in the countryside several days outside of town. When they arrived they found a group of rather disturbed men, some more disturbed then others and even dellusional-notably a "Shakey" Riley Shanks and an unseen William [see At The Marshes of Madness]. The two men survived a demon attack at a swamp logging camp at the edge of the marsh some time ago, and came out of the experience with less of their skin, and even less of their minds. Riley was discovered alone by the settlers, taking care of William in a tent. Why he wasnt still employed by the loggers who'd moved on was obvious, why he hadnt gone to the city was mystery still unanswered.

While most of the settlers were too scared to even think back on what had transpired, a particularly vocal orc explained that three people now had been kidnapped by some thing after they had had peace for many weeks. Since they learned that demons had been seen in the swamp and attacked the logging camp that resided there before their cabins. A band of mercenaries including a bear and en elephant man were hired to take care of the problem. [see At The Marshes of Madness]. He could only assume it may have been another one. No one had seen what had taken people from their beds, but perhaps that was a good thing. For the last thing that stalked the swamp drove men mad, some of them killing themselves, others surviving peeling their own skin as to rid themselves of the things that crawled on and under their flesh, visible only to them. Interestignly, the doors were broken out not in and one person had been abandoned, found strangled on the edge of town and overed in mud.

Darrion searched and managed to find tracks, albeit for a time there was some argument about whether it would be better to go into the swamp dark as it was or to set up some kind of trap or simply wait for the thing to show. After some deliberation they finally agreed that there was no guarentee it would strike again, or any idea when- but it was still out there. Heading out into the putrid swamp the party searched froma few hours following the drag marks until the water became deep enough to obscure them, and finally knee deep.

Not long after the trail had ended the party turned their noses at a foul stench, fouler than the mere decay of vegetable matter, and spoted two bodies ahnging from a tree, darker than blackest pitch covered in mud, a man and woman. Beside the gnarled old treewas a large misshapen boulder that had a wide crack that almsot split it in two. The party was extremely cautious, trying to check for traps by throwing stones, before they finally walked up to the tree. Vlad recognized that the men were hung not with ropes but vines. Inspecting the bodies Arielle tried to cut one down and it came free with no effort at all, but a few sharp eyes were able to notice that the vine had simply let him go, quite unnaturally. As soon as Julia could cry warning the swamp came alive and Vlad and Cordy found them selves entangled, and anchored to the ground by writiing vines. From within the almost inch wide crack in the rock a formless horror slithered out and expanded, bloating and then contracting into a vaguely human form, taking advantage of Vlads moment of weakness to attack.

With the help of Arielle and Shayla, Vlad and Cordy would manage to cut themselves free as the creature went on the assault. Wounding several of them. Its hide proved especially tough to cut through, and even the wounds they dealt- even an arrow through an empty socket and out the back of the head did little to phase it. With concentrated effort however, the party would finally fell the swamp thing, with no casualties. They were left with more questions than answers however.

Where did it come from?

Why did it hang the settlers -to eat for later, or as some kind of vile rite?

Who or what is the "Zuggtmoy" it mentioned?


(Yes, the trees are moving, you're not insane)


<Shalya> my hobby is making d&d characters and writting stories about them :3
<Vlad[Dragon]> :D

  • Shalya has a folder full of short stories in notepad format
  • Vlad[Dragon] has .. a disassembled AK47 on his kitchen table. >.>

<GameMastaTam> results pmed.
<GameMastaTam> Is that legal?
<GameMastaTam> Oh wait-!
<Vlad[Dragon]> Today the blood of battle upon my weapons will never dry! Many are sent into the ground laughing as they die! We are sons of Odin..
<GameMastaTam> Russia makes AK47's and Vodka like nobody's bussiness.

I'm Not Slow, Just Staying Sexy
(After Rolling Inits)
<Darrion> lol, you third nimblist at moment
<Ariel_Seolla> My Sexy sense was tingling? didn't want to get more mud on me.
<Cordy> lol
<Shalya> mud under the right circumstances can be sexy. this is not one of those circumstances

* Shalya blinks. living plants? this was different.. meep!

  • Cordy unties herself looking a bit frightened. "T-this is c-cult work…" she whimpered.

How can I Improve My Offense? Kerosene of course!
(After a loooong string of misses)
<Vault> Darrion rolls 1D20+3: 8 +3 = 11
<GameMastaTamm> …
<Vlad[Dragon]> Do what the viet cong did. Wipe poop on your weapon and stab the enemy with it.
<Darrion> and missed of course
<GameMastaTamm> That wont work.
<GameMastaTamm> Its filled with mud anyway
<Vlad[Dragon]> Howcome? >.>
<Ariel_Seolla> It's a plaaaaaaant
<Vlad[Dragon]> Hmm.
<Cordy> lol
<Vlad[Dragon]> Fine. Splash kerosene on it. That kills the hell out of plants. I spilled a little on my grass by my porch and it's been
brown for months.

One of These Days
<Shalya> screaming kids in the subway and bus make me want to go on a murderous rampage :/
<GameMastaTam> …like some kind of…
<GameMastaTam> …barbarian.
<Vlad[Dragon]> That's how I invision my end.
<Vlad[Dragon]> Someday I'm going to lose it.
* Cordy whistles
<Vlad[Dragon]> I'll smear my naked body with woad and run into battle in a total viking frenzy.
<GameMastaTam> I'd rather see Juli do that

Nursery Rhymes meet Nightmares

<GameMastaTamm> <Sylvan>"You are destined to rot! With blood by the pail and steaming entrails, does Zuggtmoy's garden grow…" it ryhmes in a warped voice.

Funny Names
Ariel_Seolla conjures a film of blood across the blade of her shiny new greatsword, slightly shorter than her old one, and swings in once again, asking in sylvan once more, "The hell is a Zuggtmoy, sounds like something an orc gurgles as it dies."

Tentacle Rape

Ariel_Seolla droops her sword, the blood film fading away as she puts it into her new scabbord, actually able to draw this blade from it, and turns to Cordy, wiping some of the mud off of her, "Are you alright Cordy? Those Vines didn't do anything to you did they?"

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