Rats From Beyond

Experience has been awarded for this quest.
REP has been awarded for this quest.


Saya, level 1 catfolk druid
Villan, level 4 human swordsage/pie lover
Luna, level 4 human barbarian
Amethyst, level 1 elf warlock
Kaze, level 4 tigerfolk monk
Yuria, level 1 human psion
Kathryn, level 2 elven wizard

Rat Swarm (CR 2 and CR 2, met separately)
CR 2 acid burst trap
2 wererats (CR 4)
+100 xp for stopping the summoning of the uridezu rat demon.

Amethyst, Kathryn, Saya, Yuria: 465 xp
Kaze, Luna, Villan: 360 xp

785 gp for

Quest Summary:
The party were summoned to the Matterock family estate to deal with an undefined problem in the family. When they arrived, however, they discovered that the place was bathed in blood deco, scribblings of horror scrawled in the blood, and no bodies to be found. After some investigation, then found a secret passage leading into natural caverns beneath the mansion, where a pair of wererats - the women of the Matterock clan! - were summoning a demon from the Abyss, using the slain of the rest of the household as sacrifices to do it! The party met them in battle (with a 4 round countdown) and defeated them before they could bring the uridezu rat demon into their world.

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