A Dark and Stormy Knight moved
A Message Delivered awarded
Against the Syndicate moved
All Hail King Torg! moved
At The Marsh of Madness awarded
Carcass Cove moved
Cattle Ravagers moved
Chain Demon moved
Charred For Life awarded
Cultes Des Ghoules awarded
Dark Reflections Out of Time awarded
Deadside Blues awarded
Devil from the Machine awarded
Dog City moved
Egg Hunt (Griffon) moved
Egg Hunt (Roc) moved
Entertaining The Dragon moved
Eye Tyrant In The Big City awarded
Fall From Grace awarded
False Hope awarded
Ghoul Gauntlet! awarded
Goblin Raiders pt 1 moved
Goblin Raiders pt 2 moved
Hammers Of Hell awarded
Haunter of The Dark awarded
Haus Der Harpie moved
Hit The Beach moved
In The Fane of The Flayed One awarded
Into the Abyss (part 1) awarded
Island of Yellow Death
Jurassic Park moved
Killian's Treasure
Kython Cut Up moved
Lake go buhbye moved
Lost Temple of Adventure moved
Mountain Monastery moved
Mountain Mystery awarded
Mushroom of Doom awarded
OMG Rats awarded
Plague Dog awarded
Rats From Beyond awarded
Return To The Marsh of Madness awarded
Save the Princess! awarded
Slavers Blood Harvest awarded
Smellbusters moved
Sunken Cave of Adventure moved
Temple of Garyx awarded
The Barlett Redemption awarded
The Barlett Redemption Act 2 moved
The Barlett Redemption Act 3 moved
The Box Of Amon Phaer awarded
The Butcher's Block awarded
The Corrupted Priests moved
The Dark One (Final Chapter) awarded
The Dark One (part four) awarded
The Dark One (Part one) awarded
The Dark One (part three) awarded
The Dark One (Part two) awarded
The Evil of Shimmerscale awarded
The Eye of the Sun awarded
The Finding of an Innocent moved
The Gibbering! awarded
The Grinning Goblins awarded
The Grinning Man awarded
The Impregnation Station awarded
The Secret of the Whispering Wall awarded
The Shadow Over Riversmouth awarded
The Sorcerers Apprentice awarded
The Steel Escapee moved
The Taint awarded
Toys In The Attic awarded
Tunnel Tentacles awarded
Undead Panic in the Streets awarded
Ur Awakening Part 1 awarded
Ur Awakening Part 2 awarded
Varg Hunt awarded
Vaults moved
Vinifrix The Beast Boss awarded
Walker of The Wastes awarded
Washroom Warriors awarded
ZOMBIES of Avalon awarded

Quest Write-up Format:

DM Name:

Name, Level
Name, Level

Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR

Name: Experience
Name: Experience

Gold/Items, description/amount, to whom
Gold/Items, description/amount, to whom

Quest Summary:
What happened goes here.

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