Prestige Classes

Approved Prestige Classes

Archmage arcane
Assassin arcane combat
Avalonian Griffonrider combat
Bloodclaw Master combat
Champion Of Gwynharwyf combat divine
Child of Night arcane divine
Cragtop Archer combat
Crystal Master psionic
Deepwarden combat
Divine Oracle arcane divine
Dragonheart Mage arcane
Drunken Master combat
Dweomerkeeper divine
Ectopic Adept psionic
Elemental Savant arcane
Frenzied Berserker combat
Geomancer arcane
Gray Guard combat divine
Hellfire Warlock arcane
Holt Warden divine
Illithid Slayer psionic
Lyric Thaumaturge arcane
Master Specialist arcane
Possessed Mind psionic
Psion Uncarnate psionic
Pyrokineticist psionic
Radiant Servant divine
Runescarred Berserker combat divine
Shadowdancer combat
Shadowlord combat
Shou Disciple combat
Sublime Chord arcane
Swiftblade arcane combat
Vassal Of Bahamut combat divine
Virtuoso arcane
Wild Plains Outrider combat

Proposed Prestige Classes

Deepwood Sniper, Dervish
Unseen Seer

Denied Prestige Classes

Home brewed
Mystic Theurge (SRD)
Arcane Heirophant (Races of the Wild)
Fochlucan Lyrist (Complete Adventurer)
Cerebromancer (Expanded Psionics Handbook)

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