Player Characters

Any character that goes without play for 30 days will be moved to the Inactive Characters list.

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Approved Characters

Crank Marten monk warforged
Darrion beastfolk ranger
Garreth elf ranger
HK-47 droid swordsage
Julietta Plainsword barbarian human
Kayrel catfolk cleric
Kiefer barbarian ungulate
Myrixa beastfolk beguiler
Orion DeathBringer human rogue
Silya human knight
Skip halfling rogue
Tammuz Talwar-Kadath hellfire-warlock human warlock

Pending Characters

Nathanial Storm

Links to Sites to Assist with Character Building

Use clean images only, please. Also, kindly do not link to images hosted offsite unless it is via a proper imagehost such as Photobucket, Imageshack or tinypic. We don't want to see images linked from Wizards, Blizzard gallery or anywhere like that. Thank you.

Building Fictional Characters - A Basic Guide
About Names - A site for names from all around the world, if you want something based on Earth
Tinypic - A place to upload your character images
The Art of Dan Scott
Elfwood Sci-fi and Fantasy Art
The Pen and Paper Art Gallery
The Blizzard Fan Art Page
Keith Parkinson's Fantasy Art
Realms Art
Chris Achilles' Fantasy Art
Artists in the UK Art Galleries

Other sites include the usual suspects, danbooru, gelbooru and the array of other imageboards iichan, 4chan, etc.

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