Plague Dog

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Crank, level 6 warforged monk
Kaellack, level 5 human rogue/sword sage
Yuria Cassius, level 9 human psion/crystal master
Julietta, level 9 human barbarian
Kara'Nyandraess, level 7 human dragonheart mage
Darrion, level 9 baagh ranger

CR 6 - 4 rat swarms (MM 1)
CR 11 - 4 spinagons (FC 2), 1 plague spewer (MM 3)

Kaellack: 2,375 xp
Crank: 2,100 xp
Kara'Nyandraess: 1,635 xp
Darrion, Julietta, Yuria: 1,050 xp for each

2,375 gp for each

Quest Summary:
The party was called by the mayor of one of the local towns, now that there was some traffic outside of the city, to deal with some of the runoff from the recent events inside of Avalon City. A pack of spinagons had come out and started to cause trouble, but Spot, the sirius servant of the mayor and the best warrior in the town, had traded his body to the spinagons in exchange for them leaving the town alone. And they were going to do just that - they were going to turn Spot into an undead plague spewer instead and let him do the destroying! The party battled their way through swarms of plague-infested rats before they met the spinagons and the plague spewer in combat, and laid Spot to rest for good, giving him the peace he deserved in the afterlife.

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