The Sparrow King

Symbol: A sparrow sitting in a beggar’s bowl
Home Plane: Bytopia
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Ravenblood birdfolk, cooperation, community, urban life
Worshipers: Ravenblood birdfolk and kenku, ghetto dwellers, non-evil rogues and tricksters, those living in cities
Cleric Alignments: CN, NG, CG
Domains: Air, City, Community, Illusion, Liberation, Life, Luck, Pact, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Shortbow

Pit is the humblest of the deities, but he is also one of the most interested in the direct survival and prospering of his worshipers. The deity takes the form of a hooded figure in all-concealing clothes, wearing a wooden bird’s mask that conceals his face.

City life is a hard thing, especially among other races than one's own, and in order to survive, one has to work together with others of one’s community, and take whatever advantages can be managed from those who are stronger. Pit espouses individual freedom and united effort at the same time, sticking by one’s friends being one of his highest virtues, and hoodwinking those who are rich and powerful whenever possible, especially when it profits the community as much as the self. Pit is the master of city life, and takes strength from the life of the city - any city. His followers see it as a part of their duty to the city and to the community in which they live to make the place where they live a little better any way that they can.

Pit’s clergy can be almost anybody, but he seems to prefer choosing honest beggars and unselfish thieves, though anyone who is able to make their living though not necessarily an honest living) through their own efforts while supporting the community around them is a potential candidate. The Sparrow King’s worship sites tend to be small and humble, usually nothing more than a small shrine at a street corner in the slums, or a household statuette. Offerings left at such shrines are considered gifts to whoever needs the money most, and so beggars often linger nearby, and may be favorably disposed towards those who donate generously.

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