Perada Maer
Perada Maer
Aliases: Ayr'dal
Age: 121 years
Hair: Ebony and platinum
Eyes: Silver on black
Height: 5ft 1 inches
Weight: 109 pounds
Race: Elf (Fae Heritage)
Class: Warlock 11
Level: 11
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Experience: 60,838
Next Level: 66,000
Hit Points: 66/66
Gold: 5,752
Current Status: Active
Played by Lisa J.


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Slim and lithe with dark-gray skin and silver eyes that seem to draw one in, Perada's Half-Drow Heritage is well pronounced despite the allure she carries. Her hair is long and well styled, is the color of fine ebony wood but carries long tinges of silver in them and she dresses in a way that is both provocative and invocative; sensual without being blatant. Somewhat "self styled" for a witch (warlock), she doesn't carry herself with arrogance as many elves tend to do, rather she is easy-going, fun loving and glib.

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