Mushroom of Doom

REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM: error42

Locklear Level:2, Scout/Ranger
Crank Level:3, Monk
Gem Level:1, Beguiler
Ginko Level:4, Fighter/Barbarian/Warblade
Tyr Level:4, Psychic Rogue
Kira Level:3, Scout/Rogue

Zombies x10 CR 3

Gem, Locklear, Crank, Kira 1500xp
Ginko, Tyr 1333xp

500 Gold to each
Locklear: Plated Leather Armor, Crystal of Return (least)
Crank: +1 Amulet of Deflection
Gem: MW Shortsword, MW Dagger X2
Ginko: Bear Helm MIC pg 72
Tyr: Boots of Agile Leaping MIC pg 76
Kira: Fountainhead Arrows x5 MIC pg 52

The party was sent to collect a mushroom that was needed by Servia in order to study the properties of the mushroom to further her studies. On the way to the cave where the mushroom was supposed to located the found a caravan that appeared to have been attacked. Discovering that all around the caravan there was no vegetation growing at all. Searching the area they found a black substance that seemed to be clotted rotting blood on the ground. A solitary boy sat on the ground not far from where they stood they boy turned out to be an undead creature that quickly called out to its friends to let them know that the walking buffet had arrived. The party quickly raised weapons to defend themselves against a horde of slow moving zombies that wanted nothing more than to bite down and have them for a midnight snack. Several were bit and one crazed adventurer (Locklear) even bit a zombie in angry retaliation… quickly feeling sorry as he wretched and vomited the contents of his stomach at the foul taste of rotten flesh and blood hit his tastebuds. From all those that were bitten who knows if anyone was infected with the same disease that took the lives of the caravan they came across. Once all of the zombies were on the ground unmoving they party was able to find the cave and collect the mushroom to bring it back to city. Lets hope that the party is smart enough to seek the help of a cleric… just in case one of them might be carrying a disease that could threaten all of Avalon.

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