Mountain Monastery

Mountain Monastery

Run by Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kira, level 2 elf scout
Ginko, level 3 battle bear
Kaze, level 4 tigerman monk
Yuria, level 3 human psion
Crank, level 3 warforged monk

4 Large Centipedes (CR 4)
1 CR 3 sonic burst trap (CR 3)
1 ettercap, 3 Medium spiders (CR 5)

Kaze: 720 xp
Others: 810 xp each

1,110 gp for each
Scrolls with enough knowledge to justify any martial-art or psionic PrC you might want.

Quest Summary:
In search of an ancient monastery in the Shield Ridge of Cargando, where a mostly-forgotten sect of psionic monks ascended to the Astral Plane, leaving their material good behind, the party ascended the mountains, then went through a dark tunnel, where they had to fight their way through several monstrous centipedes. Besting them, Yuria was able to open the psionically-sealed front gate with her powers of the mind, while Kira found the traps that would have had guardians all over the party, keeping them from harm. The party then penetrated into the library of the monks, still well-preserved after all these centuries, but had to battle an ettercap and its pets that had moved in. Besting them, they claimed the wisdom and lore of ages past as their own!

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